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Know before you go or book reservations -- all about the resort you plan to stay in. If you don't, like the Hotel California, your stay could be heaven or it could be hell.

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Baggage Guard Seals

Free Sample Available

You've seen the magazine expos shows where airline employees break into luggage and take whatever they want. But your luggage may not be safe waiting in a hotel lobby or on a pier before it's loaded onto a cruise ship. For your protection, we want to introduce you to the Baggage Guard seal, the pre- numbered, one-time use plastic padlock that can only be removed by breaking it.

Once removed, Baggage Guard cannot be reinstalled. As long as a Baggage Guard seal remains in place, you're assured that no one opened your luggage. Plus, its bright color and unique number helps you instantly identify your suitcase as it travels around the baggage carousel.

The Baggage Guard installs easily and quickly after your luggage has been packed. Just pass the wire hasp through both eyes holes of your zipper pull. Reinsert the hasp into the Baggage Guard seal and push it as far as it will go. Record the seal number and store it in a safe place and you're ready to go.

The Baggage Guard is equally easy to remove. Grasp the right and left halves of the plastic body in each hand. Pull one side toward you and push the other side away until the plastic body splits. Twist the wire hasp until it breaks at its scoring point.

Traditional luggage locks can be opened and reclosed, so you don't know whether anyone has opened your bag until you find something missing, maybe days later.

Here's what newspapers are saying about Baggage Guard seals:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel -- "Baggage Guard seals have the answer."

St. Louis Post Dispatch -- "Makes sense."

Peace of mind costs very little. To order Baggage Guard Seals or for a free sample, go to the Products & Publications page.

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