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We at On The Go Publishing take pride in bringing you our unique products and publications to make your travels more comfortable, safer, money-saving and rewarding.

Let's face it, life on the road has its inconveniences and discomforts. We hope you just don't think of us as a source for travel-related products, but as a resource to help you cope with the inconveniences and discomforts of travel.

Before you leave home on your next business or pleasure trip, check out our publications, travel gear and accessories listed below. We aim to make your trip easier, less costly, safer and simply more enjoyable with our line of useful products. They also make great gifts, so share them with your traveling friends.


Guide to Air Courier Contacts

Traveling as a courier can be a good way to get cheap, possibly free airline tickets. Nearly everyone can qualify as a courier and it's easy to be a courier. Couriers accompany time-sensitive business cargo that is checked in as their passenger baggage allotment on international flights. 

Getting started is just as easy. No need to join any expensive clubs or organizations. All you need is a copy of The Guide to Air Courier Contacts. It reveals the ins-and-outs of courier travel, both pro and con, and lists nearly 200 air courier companies worldwide that may use your services as an air courier. 

The Guide to Air Courier Contacts is not available in stores. $12 for the paperback or electronic version. No shipping or handling charged for electronic edition.

Guide to Air Courier Contacts.

Guide to Air Courier Contacts - Electronic Version.

Silky Travel Jewelry Roll

A must have for travelers, this silky travel jewelry roll is as handy as it is lovely. It comes in a random assortment of single-color jacquards, solid colors and two-color brocades. This handy travel jewelry roll measures 8 1/2 x 11 inches when open and closes to a compact 8 1/2 x 4 inches. Our exclusive design offers a place for everything with one deep pocket, a ring bar and three zippered compartments. Retail price $40. Our Price: $20.00

 Fur and Feather Wanderings -- Tips on Traveling with Pets 

More than two million pets and animals are transported by air every year in the United States. This guide provides the essential tips for transporting pets and some useful tips for traveling with pets. $12 for the paperback or electronic verison. No shipping or handling charged for electronic edition.

Fur & Feather Wanderings.

Fur & Feather Wanderings - Electronic Version.

 Rule 240 Guide

Rule 240 is the little-known law that can get you off the ground quickly when your flight is delayed. All the major airlines include Rule 240 in their contracts of carriage and it explains under what conditions they pick up the tab in getting you to your destination. Our guide spells out the Rule 240 liability for U.S. carriers. Our price $16.00 for the paperback or electronic version. No shipping and handling on electronic version.

Rule 240 Guide.

Rule 240 Guide - Electronic Version.


Cheap Tix Chart -- Save 30% to 50% on Tickets

The savings from one discount ticket purchase pays for the Cheap Tix Chart

There's a little known secret few travel insiders will tell you about -- half-price tickets to shows and events.

Now you can get the inside source to the special ticket outlets in the U.S. and foreign cities that sell discounted day-of-performance tickets to musicals, avant garde theatrical productions, Broadway plays, films, dinner theater, dance productions and sporting events. Discounts can as much as 50 percent -- half price.

Destinations include popular places such as Las Vegas and Fort Lauderdale. Some outlets even offer discount tickets to special museum events.

The Cheap Tix Chart lists nearly 25 U.S. cities plus nine foreign destinations. Ticket outlet information includes addresses, phone numbers or web sites.

With ticket prices for shows and events costing $50, $75 or more, getting 50% off one ticket purchase more than pays for the Cheap Tix Chart.

Price: $14.00 for hard-copy or electronic version. No shipping or handling charged for electronic version.

Cheap Tix Chart.

Cheap Tix Chart - Electronic Version.


Rain Poncho

Don't get caught in the rain without this emergency rain poncho. A full cut 52 x 80 inches, this handy poncho in its own compact, recloseable storage bag has a hood and arm cut-outs. Made from heavy gauge vinyl, this waterproof poncho is bound to keep you dry with its heat-sealed seams.

Comes in assorted colors. Keep it tucked in your glove compartment, purse or travel bag for those unexpected down pours. Price: $4.99


Flying Facts - Skip the Fantasy

Flying use to be simple and straightforward. Not any more. Lower fares, deregulation and a variety of service options mean YOU, the consumer, must take a more active role in choosing your air carrier. 

This essential primer arms you with the facts about delayed and canceled flights, terms of your insurance contract, travel scams, airline safety and so much more. 

Flying Facts - Skip the Fantasy should be an indispensable part of your travel arsenal. $12 for the paperback or electronic version. No shipping or handling for electronic version.

Flying Facts.

Flying Facts - Electronic Version.


Survival Strategy - Teaching English in Korea-- If you fantasize about taking a break from the daily grind, seeing the world and experiencing other cultures, teaching English in Korea is a popular means to that end. However, unethical employers, broken contracts and irresponsible placement agencies are but a few of the problems encountered by former instructors teaching English in Korea. But people who embark on this adventure prepared say this can be the experience of a life-time. This book provides you with a wealth of research so you know before you go and before you sign on the dotted line. It includes an abundance of cultural pitfalls to help you adjust more quickly, the types of positions available, getting the proper papers to teach, and what your contract should cover, and other resources.

Price: $17.00 paperback or electronic version. No shipping or handling for electronic version.

Teaching English in Korea.

Teaching English in Korea - Electronic Version.


Round-up of Traveler's Diseases -- Some health problems you come down with on the road are merely annoying and self-limiting. Others may be life threatening. It's important to know when a health problem is serious enough to get medical help.

Round-up of Traveler's Diseases highlights 32 diseases as a reference and provides you with background information in case you need medical attention. The hard-copy booklet is $14. Price: $14.00 paperback or electronic version. No shipping or handling charges for electronic version.

Round-Up of Traveler's Diseases.

Round-Up of Traveler's Diseases - Electronic Version.


Exercise Anywhere!

Exer-Sling is the revolutionary exercise-in-place, go-everywhere total body work-out band. This unique exercise band works all muscle groups including arms, legs, shoulders, stomach, chest, back and bottoms. 

The easy to use Exer-Sling is perfect for travelers, office workers, home-bound people or anyone who has limited space. Use the soft latex rubber Exer-Sling to tone legs, strengthen chests, tighten stomachs or improve flexibility at your desk. It's versatile enough to use while watching TV or in the privacy of your hotel room. Seniors can even use the Exer-Sling while seated. 

After a work-out session, the 3-foot long and 6-inch wide Exer-Sling folds to a compact 3"x2"x1" and stores easily in luggage, pocketbooks, drawers or your desk at work. No need to lug out heavy machines or go searching for a fitness center while traveling every time you want to exercise. You can even stretch your weary muscles in your seat while flying at 30,000-feet. 

Fitness experts claim that exercising with an Exer-Sling produces a toned look and prevents osteoporosis. Virtually a health club in a pouch, the Exer-Sling work-out band comes with care instructions and a set of exercises. $16.95.

Or save and order 2 for $30.


The Key to Sleeping on the Road is the Sleep Smarts Guide

Whether you toss and turn the first night in a strange bed or sleep like a log, the Sleep Smarts Guide provides the latest sleep research. Don't take chances and ruin that all-important business trip or once-in-a-life-time vacation because of jet lag or sleepless nights. 

Understand what happens to your body with jet lag, sleeping for the first time in a new environment and when NOT to get behind the wheel. 

You'll sleep sounder and stay safer knowing these important findings. $14 for paperback or electronic version. There is no shipping or handling charge for the electronic version.

Sleep Smarts Guide.

Sleep Smarts Guide - Electronic Version.


Travel First Aid Kit 

A first aid kit is a wise investment for the traveler who knows the meaning of "travel insurance." Keep our compact 5 " x 8 " Travel First Aid Kit in your car and your carry-on bag. 

The kit contains first-aid products including first-aid instructions, roadside safety items such as a "call police" flag, road flare and a mouth rescue breather. 

$14.95 per kit,

$12.95 per kit for three or more kits.



The Travel Safety Survival Guide will help you avoid becoming a victim. In these violent and uncertain times, you need all the help you can get. Law enforcement and security experts shared their safety tips, strategies and tactics. We compiled this valuable information into the handy Travel Safety Survival Guide

Suggestions in the Travel Safety Survival Guide help you prior to leaving home, on the road at cruise ports, while touring and in hotel rooms and casinos. The guide also offers keen insights about automated teller machine safety and protecting telephone credit card numbers. You no longer need to be sorry. You now have a tool to stay SAFE! 

Travel Safety Survival Guide - paperback or electronic version $12. No shipping or handling for electronic version.

Travel Safety Survival Guide.

Travel Safety Survival Guide - Electronic Version.


For the Travelers on Your Gift List - Travel Gift Certificates -- You won't go wrong with a Travel Gift Certificate from On The Go Publishing. They are available in any amount from $15. What a wonderful way to introduce money-saving products to your world-traveling friends. 

Along with the certificate, we'll send a lovely letter and a copy of our latest catalogue to you or your lucky friend. Your traveling friends will be grateful for your thoughtfulness. 

To order, just write "Travel Gift Certificate" and the amount on the order form. No need to worry about sales tax or shipping charges. Email us, and we will send you a secured payment link for the amount of gift certificate you wish to purchase.


Disposable Gloves 

Elevator buttons, public phones, counters, public bathrooms, public transportation, money. You never know what germs lurk on the surfaces your hands touch or items you pick up. 

You see more and more people on big city buses and subway trains wearing gloves. Protect yourself from a world of nasty microbes left by others with disposable gloves. 

10 non-allergic vinyl gloves come in each pack. Price: $2.95 per pack of 10

Non-allergic Vinyl Gloves - package of 10 gloves. Price: $2.50 per pack for 3 or more packs


City Airport Code Guide

The city airport code an airline employee puts on your luggage dictates if it goes to Boston or Bali. Know what the city code letters stand for before you go to the airport. Our City Airport Code Guide lists nearly 1,600 codes so you can check if your bags are going to the right destination. $12 for paperback or electronic version. No shipping or handling charges for electronic version.

City Airport Code Guide.

City Airport Code Guide - Electronic Version.


 Commode Companion   

You never know what sort of toilets and bathroom supplies you'll find on the road. Don't be surprised. Get Commode Companion kits that civilize the poorly equipped bathrooms of the world. Tuck a Commode Companion pack discreetly into a purse, fanny pack or pocket. Each pack contains four toilet seat covers, four dozen soft toilet tissues, and four pre-moistened, anti-bacterial towelettes.

Each kit contains three packs. Price: $7.95

Commode Companion Kit Price: $7.50 per kit three or more kits

TOILET SEAT COVERS ONLY. A pack of 10 toilet seat covers is $1.95

3 or more packs of toilet seat covers $1.80 each,

12 or more packs of toilet seat covers $1.50 each.


 Luggage Stretch Film

Protect your hard-sided luggage that can't use Baggage Guard seals with Luggage Stretch Film. Your hard-sided baggage is equally vulnerable to thieves picking the flimsy lock and breaking into your luggage on airplanes, in hotel lobbies or at the cruise pier. 

Thwart thieves with Luggage Stretch Film. This is the same stretch film applied at many airports at a cost of at least $6 per wrap, to protect your luggage and belongings. To use, wrap the three-inch wide Luggage Stretch Film multiple times around your hard-sided luggage. The clear film quickly and easily stretches to secure your luggage. If your luggage locks pop, your suitcase still stays together, another benefit from using Luggage Stretch Film. Plus Luggage Stretch Film protects your luggage from damage and dirt. A 1,000-foot long roll offers at least 8 uses. The economy 1,000-foot long roll is only $13.99.


Baggage Guard Seals - Free Sample Available 

You've seen the magazine expos shows where airline employees break into luggage and take whatever they want. But your luggage may not be safe waiting in a hotel lobby or on a pier before it's loaded onto a cruise ship. For your protection, we want to introduce you to the Baggage Guard seal, the pre- numbered, one-time use plastic padlock that can only be removed by breaking it. 

Once removed, Baggage Guard cannot be reinstalled. As long as a Baggage Guard seal remains in place, you're assured that no one opened your luggage. Plus, its bright color and unique number helps you instantly identify your suitcase as it travels around the baggage carousel. 

The Baggage Guard installs easily and quickly after your luggage has been packed. Just pass the wire hasp through both eyes holes of your zipper pull. Reinsert the hasp into the Baggage Guard seal and push it as far as it will go. Record the seal number and store it in a safe place and you're ready to go. 

The Baggage Guard is equally easy to remove. Grasp the right and left halves of the plastic body in each hand. Pull one side toward you and push the other side away until the plastic body splits. Twist the wire hasp until it breaks at its scoring point. 

Traditional luggage locks can be opened and reclosed, so you don't know whether anyone has opened your bag until you find something missing, maybe days later. 

Here's what newspapers are saying about Baggage Guard seals: 

    • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel -- "Baggage Guard seals have the answer."
    • St. Louis Post Dispatch -- "Makes sense."

Here's what customers are saying about Baggage Guard seals: 

    • M. P. from Illinois -- "Love them!! ."
    • S.J. from Idaho -- "Won't travel without one on my suitcase."
    • T. O. from Florida -- "They even protect my duffle bag! ."

Baggage Guard Seals are available in bulk orders of 100 or more. We offer a "satisfaction guarantee" for our bulk Baggage Guard Seals so you can return them for any reason. To return bulk Baggage Guard Seals you must let us know within 5 days of receiving them that you want to return them. Then, the Baggage Guard Seals must be received in new, unused and resellable condition within 10 days. A 10 percent restocking charge applies to any bulk Baggage Guard Seals return.

They are the perfect thank you for travel agents and other business and professional people. Order more than 2,000 bulk Baggage Guard Seals and your company name and phone number will be hot-stamped for free! Hot-stamped Baggage Guard Seals are not returnable. 

Peace of mind costs very little. Baggage Guard Seals - package of 10. Price: $9.95

Baggage Guard Seal - free sample seal. Price: $7.50 shipping and handling.


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