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In This Issue:
Family Skiing in Utah

  • Weighty Matter
  • Sleeping Bag Stink
  • You’ve Got a Friend in Chicago
  • Breast Milk Banquet
  • Song: New Low-Fare Airline
  • America West Hub Club
  • Do the Right Things
  • Honeymoon In Jamaica for $159
  • $400 Gift Certificate in Business Class
  • Seasonal National Park Jobs
  • Pet Agency Sends Fido First Class
  • ASPCA Warns About Transport Hazards
  • Ski Utah with the Family
  • Portable Heaters Pose Carbon Monoxide Threat


    **NYC Ship Terminal inaugurates weekly cruises to the Bahamas and Florida. Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) will debuts its newest, fastest and largest ship, the Norwegian Dawn. New York City will be its permanent year-round homeport -- a first for the cruise industry and for the City. The Norwegian Dawn is NCL's largest ship and accommodates 2,240 guests and 1,100 crew. It offers first class restaurants, spacious staterooms and suites, original artwork, fitness centers and spa, a Las Vegas-style casino and an Internet cafe.

    Weighty Matter

    Expect to hear “how much do you weigh” if you plan to fly in a 10- to 19-seat commercial plane. This weight procedure prior to boarding was ordered by the Federal Aviation Administration to determine if current weight estimates are accurate. Passengers who refuse to comply could be barred from a flight. It’s a question of safety for smaller planes. Investigators are trying to determine if weight and elevator malfunction contributed to the crash of a 19-seat Beech 1900 turboprop in January 2003. All 21 people aboard died.

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    Sleeping Bag Stink

    If your sleeping bag is so stinky that you hold your nose when you come within five feet, there are options that can get it sweet-smelling again.

    First read the care label for cleaning instructions. The label may state “dry clean only” which means, don’t wash it at home.

    If it can be machine-washed and it will fit in your washer, wash it by itself following the care label instructions. If your washing machine is not large enough to fit your sleeping bag, check out local coin-operated Laundromats which may have commercial-size washing machines.

    As a general rule, sleeping bags are washed using a gentle cycle, a high-level water setting and a cool water setting. Add detergent as the washer is filling with water so that it mixes well. When the water level in the tub is about three-quarters full, stop the machine and add the sleeping bag. Push it below the water so it is completely submerged and all air pockets are pushed out. Restart the machine and let it run through the entire wash/rinse cycle.

    If you have the time, run it through the rinse cycle again to make sure all the detergent has been removed. During the extra rinse cycle, you may need to stop the washer to push down on the sleeping bag so it stays completely submerged under the water.

    If the sleeping bag can be put in the dryer, add a couple of clean tennis balls to help fluff and evenly distribute the fill material.

    After you wash a sleeping bag, it is a good idea to store it in a large pillowcase or drawstring bag. Never store it in a plastic bag, according to the experts at the Soap and Detergent Association. To keep it smelling as fresh as springtime, put a dryer sheet or perfume sample card in the pillowcase or drawstring bag.

    You’ve Got a Friend in Chicago

    More than 160 friends are waiting to show you Chicago.

    Started by American and United Airlines and the city of Chicago, the free Greeters program pairs visitors with a Chicago resident for a personalized tour.

    You must register two weeks before your visit, list information such as dates you’ll be visiting the city, interests, what language you speak and the best time of day for you to meet the greeter. Your information is feed into a database and a match is made.

    City tours are offered for 25 topics including churches, art, culture, museums, history, architecture and gardens. You can also tour one of the city’s 40 neighborhoods or opt for the “greeter’s choice” which leaves the topic up to the greeter and assures a good overview to the city.

    So you have a chance to establish a rapport before your visit, your assigned greeter will call before your visit. You and your greeter agree where to meet (usually the visitors’ center) and your greeter will take you on a two- to four-hour tour of the city using public transportation.

    Chicago Greeters, 312/744-8000.

    Breast Milk Banquet

    China’s new restaurant craze: meals cooked with human breast milk. A restaurant in Changsha, in southern Hunan province, offers these dishes and plans to expand to the town of Shenzhen, across the border from Hongkong.

    According to the Beijing Times, the milk comes from six peasant women still breast-feeding their children. No details were given on how much they were paid or how much milk was used. The two dishes were offered abalone and perch with plans for more.

    The restaurant owner, who was not named, invited local journalists to a tasting. The journalists refused the taste test citing health concerns. The Changsha restaurant owner the milk used in the dishes was safe and hygienic. It was not clear whether using breast milk for cooking violated any laws.


    Song: New Low-Fare Airline

    Song, a new airline service for low-fare air travel, will initially service Northeast to Florida routes. Its maiden voyage from New York City's JFK to West Palm Beach is scheduled for Tuesday, April 15, 2003. Song plans to introduce a fleet of 199-seat, all coach Boeing 757 aircraft at the average rate of one per week for 36 weeks beginning in April. By October 2003, Song plans to provide 144 daily flights.

    A wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, Song will meet air travelers' individual and ever-changing needs through a variety of innovations that include: Regular updates to amenities and services based on customer feedback. Customers will vote products and services on and off via the Song Web site: www.flysong.com.

    Advanced in-flight entertainment with a personal video monitors at every seat with "touch screen" technology and credit card "swipe" capability, live, all-digital satellite television programming, MP3 audio programming, pay-per-view programming available on demand, multi-player interactive games, connecting gate information broadcast directly to in-seat video monitors.

    Their simple unrestricted low-fare structure will offer one-way fares from $79 and no more than $299. Pricing options will include 14-day, 7-day, 3-day, walk-up fares and sale fares. Fares will not require a Saturday-night stay. Song will be the only low-fare service to operate out of JFK, LaGuardia and Newark airports.


    America West Hub Club

    America West Airlines offers a new airport club option, the Hub Club membership. Hub Club members have access to all America West Club locations, including three in Phoenix and one in Las Vegas.

    A one-year Hub Club membership costs $300, compared to $400 for a Standard Club membership. Either club product can be purchased for one-year or three-year terms. FlightFund Elite members can save $75 off the one-year individual rates.

    In addition to annual memberships, America West also offers The America West Club Passbook. The Passbook allows you to enjoy club benefits or share them with friends and associates. Two one-time visits are $50, five for $100 or 12 for $200.

    To join the club or order an America West Club Passbook. or call 800/406-6501.

    Do the Right Things

    The State Department estimates that about 3,000 Americans are arrested in foreign countries every year. In many cases, guilt or innocence is irrelevant.

    Innocent gestures like taking photographs can court trouble. Reckless driving or possession of even a small amount of drugs can land you in jail for years. Prison conditions in most developing nations are at best squalid and at worst extremely dangerous.

    A State Department spokeswoman said that the help consular officials can give to incarcerated Americans is limited. The officers generally visit the prisoners and can bring them food, medication and reading material, make legal recommendations, insist on proper treatment, notify the prisoners' families and file protests about prison conditions. But they cannot demand a detainee's release or provide an attorney.

    The State Department recommends that travelers check its web site, www.travel.state.gov, for specific warnings and advisories around the world.

    Travelers can be bushwacked by some local regulations. As we have reported over the years, many countries prohibit taking photos of government buildings and airports. Japan bans commonplace over-the-counter medications as Tylenol Cold Medicine and Nyquil.

    A common risk that can happen to any traveler is being detained in car accidents, especially if there are serious injuries. Drivers and passengers can wind up in a hell hole of a prison cell. Investigations can sometimes last several months.

    In an International Herald Tribune article Richard Atkins, vice president of International Recoveries, a Philadelphia organization that works with Americans arrested abroad, recommends carrying a charged cell phone and having travel insurance that includes a 24-hour legal-consultations service. He tells of a client who was arrested after his car was struck in the rear by another driver, who was seriously injured. The client grabbed his cell phone and called his travel-assistance company's hot line as he was taken away by the police. The company called local officials and the client was released from custody within several hours.

    When traveling to any Third World country, check in with the American consulate and with the country's tourism ministry on potential pitfalls. Bribery is a common way of doing business in many parts of the world. If you pay off the wrong person, it can get you into trouble.

    If you think you may be arrested abroad, keep a cool head and a soft voice. Let them know you're an American citizen and ask to speak to the consulate. Don't be demanding or arrogant. The squeaky wheel will not get the grease.

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    Honeymoon In Jamaica for $159

    In conjunction with Bride's and Modern Bride Magazines, Sandals Resorts is giving future newlyweds the opportunity to "Test Drive Your Honeymoon" by spending a day at Sandals Royal Caribbean, in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

    For $159 per person, including airfare, brides and grooms can try out their honeymoon destination before they book. With early morning departure and late afternoon return flights on Air Jamaica from Chicago, Atlanta, Newark, JFK, Baltimore, Miami and Philadelphia, engaged couples nationwide can visit Sandals Royal Caribbean to see whether they would enjoy honeymooning or marrying there.

    At Sandals couples can experience the full range of amenities including gourmet meals, premium brand drinks, land and water sports. Participating couples will be treated to a true Jamaican Beach Bash on the resort’s private island.

    Dates for the trial are March 19, June 4 and September 24.

    If you book a six-day honeymoon at any Sandals Resort within two weeks after returning from your honeymoon test drive, Sandals will waive the $159 preview fee.

    800/SANDALS or your travel agent.

    $400 Gift Certificate in Business Class

    Virgin Atlantic Airways will help you upgrade your computer. Through May 15, business class passengers will receive a $400 gift certificate every time they fly, good for any purchase at Dell. Passengers flying Premium Economy can earn $200 Dell certificates each time they fly.

    The Dell gift certificate offer will be available to passengers flying from any U.S. Virgin gateway to London and is open to new and existing flying club members. Visit http://www.virginatlantic.com/dell to pre-register. Pre-registration is required before travel begins. Gift certificate will be mailed 6 to 8 weeks after travel.

    Business class passengers get to enjoy free massages and manicures, free door-to- door limo service, an in-flight bar and fully reclining, ergonomic sleeper seats.

    Virgin Atlantic, 877/747-0123.


    ** Win a BMW Z4 Roadster -- Wingate Inn hotels offer a chance to win a BMW Z4 Roadster 3.0i with the Wingate Inns Drive In Style Sweepstakes. Through March 27, enter online at http://www.wingateinns.com/ . No purchase is necessary to enter the sweepstakes, which is offered in conjunction with other companies through different web sites and administered by ePrize LLC. The web site also offers the guaranteed best available rates on the Internet for Wingate Inn hotels. Wingate Inn 800/228-1000 http://www.wingateinns.com/ .

    ** Hebrew National Family Reunion Program and Contest -- Any family thinking about a reunion will be provided with the tools to have a memorable experience. Visitors to the new Family Reunion page at http://www.hebrewnational.com will find invaluable tips on reunion topics from lead time to travel, plus useful, printable items like a reunion budget tracker and planning calendar.
    XXXXXXXXThe program includes a contest that will award two Grand Prize winners up to $25,000 in expenses each to help them hold the ultimate family reunion this summer. Anyone 18 years or older can enter the contest by writing an essay of 500 word or less that explains why having a family reunion would be meaningful to them and their family. Entries can be submitted via mail or online. Full details and entry materials are available at http://www.hebrewnational.com.

    ** Delta Sweepstakes to South Walton -- A getaway trip for two to the Beaches of South Walton, Fla., awaits the winner of an on-line sweepstakes provided by Delta Connection, ecityoftravel.com and the Walton County Tourist Development Council.
    XXXXXXXXThe winner of the sweepstakes will receive a travel package for two, including roundtrip air travel to Ft. Walton Beach; two nights' accommodations at the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort and Spa; a three-day Avis car rental; a $100 gift certificate to Sandcastles Restaurant; and a free spa treatment for two at Serenity by the Sea Spa, Salon and Fitness Center.
    XXXXXXXXSweepstakes entries can be submitted online through March 28, at via flyasa.com or eCityofTravel.com or by mail. Send a 4"x 6" postcard with your first and last name, street address, city, state and zip code and home telephone number to the Delta Connection Beaches of South Walton Sweepstakes, Department A739, 100 Hartsfield Centre Parkway, Suite 800, Atlanta, GA, 30354-1356. All entries must be postmarked by March 28, 2003. The winner will be selected by random drawing. See flyasa.com or eCityofTravel.com for official rules and restrictions.

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    Seasonal National Park Jobs

    Grand Teton Lodge Company (GTLC), operator of lodging, dining, activities and other concessions in Grand Teton National Park, is looking to fill more than 1000 seasonal jobs from May through October.

    Position exist in lodging, maintenance, food service, campground management, housekeeping, human resources, interpretation, laundry, marina, retail, transportation and others.

    Living quarters consist of dormitories and spaces for employees who bring their own recreational vehicles. There is no fee for the rooms or spaces, but employees do pay a nominal fee that covers their meals, laundry, bedding and linens. Employees can also enjoy free float trips, lake cruises and horseback rides on a space-available basis.

    Prospective employees can learn more about Grand Teton Lodge Company or apply for jobs by calling 307/543-3100 or online at http://www.gtlc.com and follow the employment link.

    Pet Travel Agency Sends Fido First Class

    When planning a vacation, no need to leave four-legged family members home because of travel and lodging restrictions. Puppy Travel, the nation's first full-service travel design and planning company, will create a trip for Fido and the family.

    Instead of trying to organize a trip themselves, customers traveling with pets contact Puppy Travel, either through its web site (www.puppytravel.com), phone or fax, after which a preliminary itinerary of the trip is created. Puppy Travel will make the necessary changes and prepare a final trip itinerary, which also includes all travel reservations, including flights, hotels, rental cars and other reservation requirements.

    Along with trip design and coordination, Puppy Travel will be organize “Puppy Reunions” and ski vacations in the Rocky Mountains with the ”pet friendly” Kimpton Group Hotels.

    Puppy Travel coordinates all aspects of travel, from airlines, hotels, and restaurants to dog-walking parks, pet sitters and area veterinarians.

    Puppy Travel, 877/261-3555.

    ASPCA Warns About Transport Hazards

    The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) warns pet owners to think twice about flying their pets on commercial airlines. Millions of Americans entrust their companion animals to the care of the airlines without knowing the potential dangers and risks. Each year approximately 5,000 animals are lost, injured or die due to the dangerous conditions in airplane cargo holds. Some casualties occur because cargo holds are not equipped with vital temperature controls to protect an animal's health and safety. After numerous reports of tragedies, the ASPCA worked to establish safer standards for pets flying on commercial airlines and was instrumental in getting the Safe Air Travel For Animals Act enacted into law in April 2000.

    The ASPCA encourages travelers to avoid checking their pets as cargo if at all possible. If pet owners are already committed to transporting their pets on commercial airlines, the ASPCA is offering safety guidelines. These include booking a direct flight whenever possible, visiting the veterinarian for a checkup prior to the trip, purchasing a USDA-approved shipping crate that is large enough for your pet to stand, sit and change positions comfortably, labeling the crate "Live Animal," writing contact information and the destination on the crate, making sure your pet is wearing a collar with identification tags and always informing airline personnel that you are traveling with a pet in the cargo hold.

    Detailed information about traveling with pets can be found at http://www.aspca.org/.

    FREE ADMISSION -- Come Monday and up to five people occupying the same vehicle as a child five and under receive free admission to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA. Marvelous Mondays continue through 2003. Monday visitors also can register for a monthly drawing to win free passes for future visits. Callaway Gardens 800/225-5292.

    Ski Utah with the Family -- By Nicki Chodnoff

    Skiing in Utah was front and center in 2002 as Salt Lake City was host to the winter Olympics. The craggy mountain peaks and scenic canyons didn’t disappear at the end of the 17-day world event. The facilities and the scenery are still here for visitors to enjoy. Utah has 14 mountain resorts and 11 resorts are within 60 miles, or about an hour’s drive, of Salt Lake City. Utah bills itself as the “Greatest Snow on Earth.” It is hard-pressed to deny that claim when two family-friendly resort areas, Alta and Solitude, claim more than 500 inches of snow per year.

    Alta is a throw back to what skiing was like 20 years ago or more. Located in the upper reaches of Little Cottonwood Canyon, within the Wasatch-Cache National Forest, it is one of four destinations that doesn’t allow snowboarding. Receiving about 500 inches of snow per year, all around Alta it is all about the snow. Pleasures are simple and unpretentious. Unlike most ski areas, Alta is a melange of small, privately owned lodges. You’ll find no high rises, tour buses or paparazzi here. It is not a place that exists for you to see, be seen and sport the latest ski fashion. Judging from the many jeans and sweats, the major goal is comfort on and off the slopes. The people who come to Alta are indifferent to fashion and other forms of one-upmanship.

    The Alta Lodge, a family-focused property, is one of the oldest ski lodges in the country, dating back to 1939. Traditions are part of the allure of Alta Lodge where rooms have no TVs and guests can still sit at communal dining tables. Still sporting its industrial, cabin style from the 1930s, Alta Lodge gets into people’s blood. Chances are you do not know about Alta Lodge. But the people that visit keep coming back, as 80 percent of its visitors are repeat guests. Because of this ultra-loyal clientele, Alta Lodge does little advertising or promotion. The cult-like devotion extends to children.

    Owner Bill Leavitt, also the mayor of Alta, bought the lodge back in the 1950s because none of the resorts in the area wanted to admit children, let alone teach them to ski. Alta Lodge still provides a Kid’s Program to children ages four to 12 that includes transportation from the lodge to ski lessons or daycare, afternoon activities from 4:45 to 8:30 p.m. which range from games, to arts and crafts and sled races. Their special children’s dinner at 6 p.m. let’s children eat what they like (hamburgers, pizza and pasta) without lengthily and fidgety pauses between courses.

    For a European village atmosphere, Solitude Mountain Resort is a condominium community 12 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Solitude makes sense for families as the apartment-like lodgings with kitchens, separate bedrooms and a living room can accommodate extended families. Solitude is a good choice for families with smaller children that aren't old enough to attend ski school.

    Staying at Solitude offer convenience. Restaurants and shops are part of the village core and chair lifts are a few steps beyond the six village lodges. At the center of the village, a lighted ice skating rink and fire pit provide an opportunity to glide along for a few laps on the ice and warm up with s’mores by the fire. Ice skate rentals are free. For the times you are not on the slopes, Club Solitude offers lodge guests free amenities such as movies each evening on the large screen in the media room, X-boxes and board games for kids in the Entertainment Room, an array of work-out equipment in the exercise room, a billiard table in the Billiard Room and a heated outdoor pool and hot tub.

    For a change of pace, Solitude’s Nordic Center offers 20 kilometers of groomed trails for classic cross country and skate skiing and trails for snowshoeing. Ultra adventurous parents can find a challenge with the Back Tracks program, where two of the resort’s seasoned ski patrollers take you to the back country.

    Skiing in Utah is family friendly. Many resorts offer children’s rates for lift tickets. A number of resorts allow kids to ski for free. Bright Ski Resort offers kids a free season’s pass by showing a copy of their birth certificate. At Park City, kids 12 and under ski, ride and sleep for free when accompanied by two adults. At Snowbird, up to two kids 12 and under ski and ride for free with the purchase of one adult all-day ticket. Nearly every resort or ski area offers special lift packages or passes to bring lift prices down. Check out the specials before you leave.

    If you want your children to learn to ski the right way, send them to Ski School. My granddaughter Kendall, a seven-year-old who had never been on skis prior to her visit to Utah, made astounding strides in two days. Her first day on the slopes was with the Ski Adventure program at Alta where she learned the basics of putting on skis, getting up with skis on and how to stop. By the end of the day, she was at level 2 1/2 to 3. Her second day of ski school was at Solitude. Learned skills included turning, control and getting on and off the ski lift. Kendall ended her ski experience at a confident level 4 and loved the slopes so much, she kept asking if she can do just “one more run.” She has the basic skills, without learning bad habits, to enjoy skiing whenever and where ever the opportunity may present itself.

    Discounts -- Utah bills itself as the “Greatest Snow on Earth” and to get access to the ski resorts around Salt Lake City, visitors can buy the Ski Salt Lake Super Pass, a multi-area lift voucher. Good for a day, the pass is accepted at Alta Ski Area, Brighton Resort, Solitude Mountain Resort, and Snowbird. Participating hotels and lodges in Salt Lake City and Park City sell the day pass. The pass costs less than any of the Salt Lake resort’s individual lift passes. Additional multi-area passes, which allow skiing at two or more resorts on the same day, are also available.

    “Stay & Ski in 2003" is Ski Utah’s program to give winter sports lovers a reason to go back to Utah. The promotion offers up to two free lift tickets per reservation when you book four nights of lodging. All 14 Utah resorts are participating in the promotion. Just bring your Stay & Ski voucher, issued by your lodging company, to the resort ticket window to receive a free lift ticket. There are no blackout dates during the 2003 season.

    Another option is to stay in Salt Lake City and take public transportation to the slopes. Ski Bus UTA and TRAX (the light rail system) will drop you and your skis (special racks hold skis out of the way) to many of the slopes for as little as $4 roundtrip. Schedules are at www.rideuta.com.

    For more information, 800/SKI-UTAH or www.skiutah.com.

    Portable Heaters Pose Carbon Monoxide Threat

    Whether hiking, biking, hunting or fishing, every outdoors-person wants to keep warm at night. So campers need to know about the potential dangers of using a portable propane heater or camp stove in an unventilated enclosure.

    Camp stoves and portable heaters that are designed to be used outside can emit hazardous carbon monoxide (CO) if improperly used inside a tent, truck cap, RV or camper. Every camper should read the manufacturer's operating instructions and packaging before operating any portable propane product, according to Dennis Pavan, spokesman for the Coalition for Portable Propane Product Safety. (Visit http://www.propaneproducts.org/ )

    "Campers who are particularly vulnerable are those who try to use these devices overnight while sleeping," says Pavan. "Therefore, they are unable to recognize the early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning -- which can easily be mistaken for a cold or flu. Alcohol consumption and drug use also increase the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.”

    Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, sleepiness and confusion. Carbon monoxide reduces the blood's ability to carry oxygen. Low oxygen levels in the blood can result in the loss of consciousness and death.

    Rather than relying on fuel-burning appliances to supply overnight heat, the Coalition urges campers to wear adequate clothing, use a thermally rated sleeping bag, and consume extra calories and fluids to help keep warm at night.

    The Coalition sponsors the "Camp Safe" Education Program, dedicated to making consumers aware of the dangers of using fuel-burning products inside. There are certain heaters available that are designed specifically for temporary use inside recreational enclosures. But no matter what kind of heater, the Coalition recommends NOT using a portable propane product overnight while sleeping.

    A free safety brochure that includes propane product descriptions of outdoor heaters, stoves, lanterns, cylinders and indoor-safe heaters; carbon monoxide safety information and a CO warning poster is available. To order, contact the Coalition at 888/226-7487, visit http://www.propaneproducts.org/, or write to P.O. Box 45002, Cleveland, OH 44145.

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