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Travel Savings Alerts Newsletter, January 2011 Issue

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Bengals Spa Kit thumb
NFL Team Branded Spa Bag

Every fan deserves to be pampered with this extravagant spa bag, available for all 32 NFL teams plus the Ohio State University.
  • Each spa bag includes - an 8 oz jar of natural brown sugar scrub with 3 natural raw sugars for gentle but deep exfoliation
  • 8 oz jar of goat's milk and honey lotion with shea butter and Vitamin E - natural moisturizers that help hydrate and nourish skin
  • 8 oz jar of Mediterranean Sea Salts - solar evaporated and one of the world's purest salts
  • 2 bottles of nail polish in team colors.

Priced at $39.99 per bag, each spa bag comes packaged in a lovely organza gift bag. Quantities are limited. Purchase at ke specialties llc.

In This Issue:
Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

  • Jamaica Inn Welcomes Children
  • Air Force Museum Virtual Tour
  • Win $54,000 Cruise to North Pole
  • Ski All Winter for $189
  • Free Nights, Savings with Design Hotels
  • Cherries for Natural Jet Lag Relief
  • Grand Canyon Railway Winter Packages
  • California Ski Resorts Winter Savings
  • Kids Sail Free on Select Crystal Cruises
  • Tuscan Way Spring 2011 Deals
  • JetSuite Jet Charter in Texas for $999
  • Translate Signs with a Photo
  • Jupiter Beach Resort Winter Escape Package
  • Central Florida Giveaway To Honor Detroit Tigers
  • Kids Fly Free to Telluride
  • American Bonus Miles for JFK to Tokyo Flight
  • Colonial Williamsburg from $75 Per Person
  • 200,000 Free Megabus Seats
  • NYC Winter Restaurant Week 2011
  • 50% Off Houseboating at Lake Powell

    • Jamaica Inn Welcomes Children

      For the first time, children 10 years and older can stay with their families at the Jamaica Inn, in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, from Mar. 1 through Apr. 15, 2011.

      The resort offers special rates on their 47 suites and cottages during those days. Balcony suites are $398 per night instead of $479 per night. The rate for deluxe verandah suites is $481 per night instead of $580 per night. The premier verandah suite is $596 per night instead of $718 per night. Cowdray suite rates are $620 per night instead of $746 per night. The Blue Cottage is $647 per night instead of $779. Cottage 3, Cottage 4 and White Suite are $1,303 per night instead of $1,570. A cottage without pool is $966 per night instead of $1,164. A Cottage with a pool is $1,118 per night instead of $1,347. The rates are per room, per night.

      The resort has a variety of activities including croquet, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, sunfish sailing and an exercise room. The Jamaica Inn is a place to relax with no TV, radio or clocks to intrude on your tranquility.

      This offer does not include tax and service charge, and cannot be combined with any other special. Meal plans are not included. The rate is based on double occupancy and triple occupancy is additional and on a request basis only.

      Jamaica Inn or 800/837-4608.

      Air Force Museum Virtual Tour

      Air Force history buffs can tour the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force from their living rooms and walk by JFK's Air Force One or the Presidential Gallery. The world's largest military aviation museum at the Wright-Patterson AFB near Dayton, Ohio, has a virtual tour.

      The U.S. Air Force takes its museum to you. Museum officials recently launched the first phase of an interactive, 360-degree virtual tour available on the museum's website. You can navigate a virtual map of a little less than half of the museum and view its exhibits through high-definition, panoramic photos. The exhibits of presidential aircraft and experimental jet planes are among halls that are ready for tourists

      When completed, the entire museum will be accessible through 92 high-definition panoramic "nodes." Each node consists of 307 photographs stitched together. Designers plan to have aircraft and artifacts hyperlinked to fact sheets, supplemental information and educational tools in each node.

      The completed tour will be rolled out in phases over the coming months. The first phase is complete and includes interactive capabilities for the Air Park and Memorial Park, along with views of the Presidential Gallery and Research and Development Gallery.

      The Early Years Gallery should be available in early 2011. In addition to the virtual tour, you also have access to the lecture series and audio tour podcasts, downloadable maps of the museum and individual panoramas of the nodes, included on the tour's main page.

      Click here for the virtual tour.

      VitaminMenu Free Ship One Stop Bannerbanner

      Win $54,000 Cruise to North Pole

      Experienced and aspiring travel bloggers can write to win a $54,000 expedition to the North Pole from Quark Expeditions. The prize is a trip for two aboard a nuclear-powered icebreaker to the top of the world. Airfare from the winner's nearest international gateway and a charter flight from Helsinki, Finland, to Murmansk, Russia is also included. The competition runs to noon, Feb, 15, 2010. Travel Bloggers must enter online here.

      The winner will be chosen from the top five entrants as decided by popular vote. Travel Bloggers must post a photo of themselves on the competition website, plus an essay of between 200 and 400 words that communicates why you are qualified to be Quark's Official Blogger to the North Pole. The entry must also include a short story about one of your unique trips or travel experiences demonstrating your skill as a travel blogger.

      The Selection Committee will include a member of Quark's Expedition Team; Chris Epting, a professional Travel Blogger; Hans Lagerweij, Quark's President; and a member of the marketing team. Their job will be to identify who among the top five will best represent the polar adventure company during its 20th anniversary expedition cruise to the North Pole.

      Every registered voter has five votes, one vote for each of their five favorite Travel Bloggers in competition for the prize. Each voter can change individual votes should a new blogger enter who is more appealing than the bloggers originally selected. The competition will be heated as entrants will have the opportunity to edit their posts to try to attract votes.

      Since 1991, Quark Expeditions has specialized in expedition cruising to the Arctic and Antarctica, in ships with ice-strengthened hulls or in icebreakers. The 2011 20th anniversary expedition, June 23 to July 7, begins in Helsinki, Finland. On June 24, you fly from Helsinki to Murmansk, homeport of the Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker fleet to board 50 Years of Victory. The expedition vessel generates 75,000 horsepower and crush through Arctic Ocean ice 10 feet thick.

      Reaching the North Pole can take four to eight days, depending on weather and ice conditions. When the top of the world is reached, you enjoy a champagne toast and a barbecue on the ice. On the southbound journey, shore landings are made in Franz Josef Land. The uninhabited Russian islands are 10 degrees from the North Pole and the natural habitat of polar bear and walrus.

      All cabins have exterior views and facilities en suite. The voyage accommodates a maximum of 128 guests. An Mi-8 helicopter, that can carry up to 20 people, is used to transfer guests ashore, when the ice is too thick for the ship's fleet of Zodiacs. One dining room accommodates all guests at a single seating. Per person prices for a twin cabin start at $22,690.

      Quark Expeditions.

      Ski All Winter for $189

      The Michigan Snowsports Industries Association (MSIA) produces a card that allows the holder to ski at 29 different Michigan ski areas this winter for $189. Called the MSIA White Gold Card, purchasers are entitled to ski one time at each of the participating ski areas during the 2010/2011 ski season. Also included is one free ski tune-up (edge sharpen and wax) valid at more than 40 participating MSIA ski retailers.

      If you pay for a lift ticket at each of the 29 ski areas and had your skis tuned-up, you would spend more than $960. The MSIA White Gold Card is valid for the entire ski season. The cards are non-refundable and non-transferable.

      MSIA developed the White Gold Card as a fundraiser and limits production to 400 cards. The cards sell out quickly, so buy one as soon as possible

      To add a little excitement, MSIA created a challenge for White Gold Card participants. The first person to use the White Gold Card at all 29 Michigan ski areas will win a card for the 2011/2012 ski season,

      The White Gold Cards are available at ski shops across the state and can be purchased online

      Michigan Snowsports Industries Association or 248/620-4448.

      Free Nights, Savings with Design Hotels Promotion

      Design Hotels offers a "Winter Spaces" promotion that gives you more time and space in more than 60 of its member hotels. The winter specials are valid for arrivals through Apr. 3, 2011.

      Those staying through Apr. 3, 2011 can get a free upgrade, a free room night or save 10 percent off the best available rate when booking through the company’s web site. The offers cannot be combined and are subject to availability.

      The three different options are:

    • Three for two: one free overnight stay with a minimum three night stay
    • Upgrade: free upgrade to the next available room category with two night minimum stay
    • Save a minimum of 10 percent off the best available rate with minimum two night stay.
    • Design Hotels represents and markets more than 190 independent hotels in more than 40 countries. Each property reflects the ideas of a hotelier with a passion for hospitality, cultural authenticity, and thought-provoking design and architecture.

      Design Hotels .


      Cherries for Natural Jet Lag Relief

      As you prepare for a cross country or around the world trip, you may focus on packing, remembering passports and checking in early at the airport. But you may overlook the important role diet plays in travel success. According to many experts, you can pack "the power of red" into your carry-on by choosing tart cherries, a "super fruit" naturally rich in melatonin, to help fight jet lag.

      Cherries, known for their powerful antioxidant and phytonutrient profile, are linked to potential health benefits in numerous studies. They are one of the few known, researched food sources of melatonin, a potent antioxidant produced naturally by the body to help regulate biorhythm and natural sleep patterns.

      According to Russel J. Reiter, Ph.D, an authority on melatonin, cherries are believed to be one of the most concentrated food sources of melatonin. The body of research conducted by Reiter at the University of Texas Health Science Center revealed that a handful of cherries contain more melatonin than what is normally found in the blood, helping your body get in sync with the new time zone while you travel. "Travelers will often consume melatonin supplements to help regulate their sleep-wake cycle during long-haul flights," said Reiter. "But choosing cherries may be a natural alternative."

      Studies suggests melatonin works best when consumed one hour prior to the desired sleep time on the plane and for three or more consecutive evenings after arrival, depending on the number of time zones crossed.

      Security lines and baggage fees may only be half the battle when it comes to traveling. Packing the right foods and beverages may help you avoid jet lag and make the most of your trip.

      Here are some travel tips from the Cherry Marketing Institute:

      Hydrate. Stay hydrated while flying, with non-caffeinated or non-alcoholic beverages. Purchase a bottle of water in the terminal to avoid becoming thirsty.

      Fuel up with Red. Eat foods rich in melatonin, like tart cherries, to regulate the natural sleep cycle and ease jet lag - helping to restore normal sleeping patterns in weary travelers.

      Grab-and-go. Prepare for delays with convenient, portable snacks. Pre-packing a trail mix with dried cherries, favorite dried cereal, chocolate chips and nuts can be a life-saver when stuck in the terminal. It's a healthier option than fast-food; just as quick but better for you.

      The Cherry Marketing Institute (CMI) .

      Grand Canyon Railway Winter Packages

      Grand Canyon Railway package rates drop for the winter. Packages rates are up to 36 percent lower during the winter season.

      All Grand Canyon Railway packages feature roundtrip train travel to Grand Canyon National Park and accommodations at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel in Williams, AZ. Several packages include meals, and some also include accommodations and/or narrated motorcoach tours at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon Railway also offers reduced winter rates for RV packages that include stays at the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park.

      The following rate examples are per person based on double occupancy in a standard hotel room and for coach-class train travel. Upgrades are available. Rates for children ages two to 15 and single occupancy vary. Taxes and gratuities are not included.

      The Railway Express features roundtrip train travel and one night of lodging at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel. The rate is $89.50 per person through Mar. 14, 2011.

      The Railway Getaway features roundtrip train travel, one night of lodging at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel and one breakfast and one dinner per person in the Grand Depot Cafe. The rate is $118.50 per person through Mar. 14, 2011.

      The Railway Express Plus features roundtrip train travel and two nights of lodging at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel. The rate is $144 per person through Mar. 14, 2011.

      The Railway Getaway Plus features roundtrip train travel, two nights of lodging at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel and two breakfasts and two dinners per person at the Grand Depot Cafe. The rate is $202 per person through Mar. 14, 2011.

      The Canyon Limited features roundtrip train travel, one night of lodging at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, one breakfast and one dinner per person at the Grand Depot Café, one night of lodging at Maswik Lodge in Grand Canyon National Park and a motorcoach rim tour. The rate is $216.26 per person through Mar. 14, 2011.

      The Canyon Limited Plus is a three-night package featuring roundtrip train travel, the first night of lodging at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, the second night at Maswik Lodge in Grand Canyon National Park and the third night back at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, two breakfasts and two dinners per person at the Grand Depot Cafe and a motorcoach rim tour inside the park. The rate is $299.76 per person through Mar. 14, 2011.

      The 287 room Grand Canyon Railway Hotel was designed to resemble the historic Fray Marcos Hotel and Williams Depot structures that stand nearby. The hotel includes a large courtyard with barbecue and wet bar; a game room for children; a enclosed crescent-shaped pool and hot tub and an exercise room.

      The Grand Canyon Railway operates daily train service between Williams, AZ, and the Grand Canyon. The Railway offers four distinct classes of service.

      Grand Canyon Railway or 800/843-8724.

      California Ski Resorts Winter Savings

      According to the National Ski Area Association, last year marked the second best ski season ever for U.S. ski resorts with 59.7 million skier visits. California ski resorts hosted more than 7.5 million snow enthusiasts. So California is gearing up this season with savings direct to the consumer.

      Before heading to the Golden State's snowy terrain, take advantage of the many deals offered at ski destinations across the state by visiting California's Travel and Tourism Commission Winter Deals page where you can choose from 33 specials and packages at ski resorts and lodging properties throughout Northern, Central and Southern California.

      The deals include a Mammoth Mountain Lift & Lodging package, from $99 per person, per night based on double occupancy (and a two-night minimum stay). Kirkwood Mountain Resort has a Cash Back Bonus package starting at $85 per person, per night. Book two nights of lodging and receive a $75 Kirkwood Cash Card to use anywhere in the resort. On the West Shore of Lake Tahoe, Homewood Mountain Resort offers free lift tickets for active military and 50 percent off for immediate family members.

      In South Lake Tahoe, Heavenly Mountain Resort has a fourth night and third day free package, which starts at $315 per person and includes four nights' lodging, three days of lift at Heavenly and a special Heavenly gift. Beginners can head to Mt. Rose - Ski Tahoe on Highway 431, where the First Timer package starts at $69 and includes a 90-minute lesson, beginner lift ticket, and ski or snowboard rental.

      Sierra-at-Tahoe's Stay, Ski & Save Green package starts at $99 per person, per night, based on double occupancy and includes lodging, a bottle of regional wine and one adult lift ticket. Northstar-at-Tahoe's Stay & Ski Free package starts at $115 per person, per night (based on double occupancy and a two-night minimum), which includes two lift tickets per room, per night. The Lodge at Sugar Bowl has a Midweek package through March with 50 percent off non-holiday dates.

      California Travel and Tourism Commission Winter Deals.


      Philadelphia Eagles boys growth chart thumb NFL Team Branded Growth Chart

      A great keepsake to capture a child's growth through the years and show your team spirit. Available for all 32 NFL teams plus the Ohio State University, the large growth chart (54" long by 15" wide) easily hangs on any surface with removable adhesive tabs. A pink version for all 32 NFL teams is available for girls. The growth chart comes with 14 removable footballs that adhere directly onto the chart. Footballs, placed at the child's measurement each year, include a place to write the date and child's age, when measured, and a place for a photo!

      NFL team and Ohio State University growth charts are available at ke specialties llc

      Kids Sail Free on Select Crystal Cruises

      With the continued trend in multi-generational family travel, kids 17 and under cruise free on three Crystal Symphony Pacific Coast voyages in the spring and fall of 2011.

      The new offer, valid for children sailing in a third berth with two full-fare adults, is for seven-day sailings between Los Angeles and Vancouver: Apr. 10 and 17, 2011, plus a seven-day Thanksgiving cruise sailing roundtrip from Los Angeles Nov. 20, 2011. The Apr. 17 voyage, ending on Easter Sunday, and the Thanksgiving itinerary are ideal options for families with children on Spring Break and seeking to spend the holiday together at sea.

      Crystal's April Pacific Coast cruises explore the northern coast of California and British Columbia with visits to Santa Barbara, San Francisco, California; Astoria, OR; Seattle, WA; and Victoria, British Columbia. The November itinerary features Crystal's first overnight in San Francisco, plus stops in Santa Barbara, San Diego and Ensenada, Mexico. A fourth seven-day southern Pacific Coast cruise sails roundtrip from Los Angeles Dec. 4, 2011.

      Crystal's Family Memories program offers two savings options: $500 credit toward a Crystal Private Adventure, kids under 17 sail free in third berth, plus other perks for six full-fare bookings; all of this, plus one free berth for 10 full-fare bookings. Promotional, two-for-one cruise fares start at $2,650 per person, double occupancy, and include $500 per couple "All Inclusive - As You Wish" shipboard credits, and free air transportation. The credits and air transportation apply only to full-fare bookings.

      Crystal Cruises or 888/799-4625.

      Tuscan Way Spring 2011 Deals

      Tuscan Way, a provider of cooking vacations and custom tours to Italian destinations, kicks off 2011 with an offer on its Villa Gaia property, saving 15 per cent off the price of a Saturday to Saturday stay. Villa Gaia, a country estate set amid olive groves, vineyards and forests outside of Seggiano, is the setting for hands-on cooking classes in the style of "La Cucina Povera Toscana," plus excursions, private-cellar wine tastings, and meals, in groups of four to 14. The savings, effective for the weeks of Apr. 2, 9, 16 and 23, 2011, reduces prices to 1,857 euros (about $2,490 based on the conversion rate of one euro equals $1.3), per person, double occupancy, space available. Single supplements are available. The seven-day cooking vacation includes all meals for a groups of no more than 14.

      La Cucina Povera Toscana is the simple and flavorful style of southern Tuscan dishes, a peasant culture tradition where ingredients are from local lands. Guests learn to cook by doing: visiting the markets, tasting ingredients and working in the estate kitchen. The informal cooking lessons are mixed with daily excursions: visits to the wine towns of Montalcino (Brunello wine and ceramics), Montepulciano (Vino Nobile di Montepulciano), Sienna and the Etruscan villages of Pitigliano and Sorano; traveling the "Strada del Vino" (Road of Wine); enjoying wines and olive oils from private cellars; and experiencing local markets and festivals.

      Villa Gaia borders an ancient monastery and offers accommodations in two buildings: the main villa has a two and three bedroom apartment with fireplaces in the living rooms and kitchens. The second house has four double rooms with private bathrooms, a shared living room with fireplace, kitchen, laundry and summer porch. Guests have use of the swimming pool, satellite television, mountain bikes and the many trails winding through the estate's hills, vineyards and olive groves.

      Tuscan Way or 800/766-2390.

      468x60_Graphic Banner_DropDownbanner

      JetSuite Jet Charter in Texas for $999

      Private jet operator JetSuite expands into Texas, adding Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio to its list of SuiteSpots - - where SuiteSaver fares are available. JetSuite now offers service throughout the state and surrounding areas on its fleet of new, four passenger Phenom 100 aircraft.

      Chartering a jet from JetSuite is like booking a seat from a commercial airline, no financial commitments are required. JetSuite goes when you want from where you want for a price that is almost as low as a premium cabin ticket. SuiteSaver fares are available for $999 for the whole plane each way between Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Pricing is subject to availability. Terms & conditions, taxes and fees apply.

      For individuals who fly frequently, JetSuite offers its SuiteKey Membership program to earn flight bonus credits on purchased travel that can be redeemed to book free travel on JetSuite. You can become a SuiteKey Member by depositing $25,000 into a fully refundable, prepaid account used to purchase flights. SuiteKey Members can access benefits such as longer booking windows for JetSuite's lowest fares and discounts on hourly and day rates for customized itineraries. A corporate version of SuiteKey is also available.

      JetSuite or 866/779-7770.

      Translate Signs in Foreign Languages w/a Photo

      TGPhoto by LinguaSys, Inc., allows you to photograph foreign signs on Android and Blackberry devices and get instant translation. The TGPhoto translation application can be downloaded through the Android Marketplace for a one-time fee of $12.99. A version will soon be released for iPhones.

      To use the TGPhoto application on an Android device, you fill the screen with as much foreign text as possible, touch the shutter button and view the translation seconds later. The display shows both the original text and the translation. You set the source and target languages for the text to be photographed.

      TGPhoto translates more than 50 languages on any Android device with a built-in camera, using Android 2.1 or above. The Blackberry version requires Blackberry 5.0 or greater. TGPhoto is easy to use, activates a phone's existing photo flash for higher resolution and is server-based for higher quality.


      Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa Winter Escape Package

      The 168-room Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa, with access to 1,000 feet of Florida coastline, offers a Winter Escape package with a 20 percent discount off their best available rates. The package includes a $25 daily resort credit to use at any of the property's dining spots, the Spa, or the newly-opened Little Loggerheads Kids' Club. You also get free valet parking, high-speed Internet and no resort fee.

      The Winter Escape package includes:
    • 20 percent discount on best available rates (all room types)
    • $25 resort credit daily
    • Breakfast for two daily.
    • Rates start at $183 per night for travel through Feb. 17, 2011 and $239 per night for travel Feb. 18 through Apr. 30, 2011.

      Located in Jupiter, FL 12 miles from downtown West Palm Beach, the nine-story, 168-room resort features renovated guest rooms and suites with marble bathrooms and private balconies with ocean views. Rooms include honor bars, robes and slippers, in-room safes, and evening turndown service. Resort amenities include a heated oceanfront swimming pool and whirlpool spa; an outdoor lounge area with cabana-style chairs, fire pit and dive-in movies; a fitness center offering private instruction; lighted tennis courts; game room; spa; kids' club; and three restaurants.

      Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa Winter Escape package or 800/228-8810 and reference promotion code: WINTER.

      Dallas Cowboys kleen kit thumb NFL Team Branded kleen kits

      Fight against bacteria and flu germs with National Football League team branded hand sanitizer kleen kits. Produced by ke specialties llc, a kleen kit consists of a 2 ounce bottle of hand sanitizer, an 8 ounce bottle of hand sanitizer and a 40 count canister of wipes, available for all 32 NFL teams plus The Ohio State University.

      The 2 ounce bottle (TSA approved for 3-1-1 carry-ons) or 8 ounce bottle of hand sanitizer easily fit into a pocket, purse or back pack and the 40 count canister of wipes can be used at home, while tailgating or at work.

      NFL team and Ohio State branded kleen kits are available at ke specialties llc.

      Central Florida Giveaway To Honor Detroit Tigers

      As the Detroit Tigers begin their 2011 Spring Training season this February, it will mark their 75th Anniversary in Lakeland, FL, the longest relationship in Major League Baseball between a franchise and Spring Training host city. The Tigers host city and county will celebrate that record with a week-long celebration Feb. 22 to 27, 2011.

      Detroit Tiger fans will have opportunities to get up close to current and former Tiger greats as they celebrate the anniversary at the following events:

    • Tuesday, Feb. 22 - 65th Annual Tigers Barbecue
    • Thursday, Feb. 24 The 16th Annual Major League Scramble
    • Friday, Feb. 25 Detroit Tigers vs. Florida Southern College.
    • "Tigers On the Town" Downtown Lakeland street party Sunday, Feb. 27
    • Sunday, Feb. 27 Opening Day game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Joker Marchant Stadium
    • The Central Florida Visitors and Convention Bureau joins the celebration by giving away a 75th Anniversary Central Florida vacation package for one Detroit Tiger fan and their guest. The vacation includes a seven night stay in a Lakeland hotel plus activities in Central Florida, including: two tickets to the Tiger Barbecue, two tickets to the Tigers vs. Florida Southern game, two tickets to the Spring Training opening game against the Toronto Blue Jays, a $50 gift card for Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant, a $50 gift card for Bonefish Grill and a $100 VISA gift card.

      Click here to register for the Spring Training vacation getaway.

      Kids Fly Free to Telluride

      Telluride and American Airlines sponsor the Kids Fly Free program this winter. American, Continental, Delta and United Airlines also offer aggressive first class fares with rates from $632 to get to the slopes of Telluride.

      Telluride has air access with daily direct flights from Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Denver and Atlanta, plus direct flights from Newark and Los Angeles on the weekends.

      From Jan. 5 to Feb. 16 and Feb. 27 to Mar. 10, 2011, kids ages two to 12 will fly free with an accompanying adult ticket on American Airlines flights into Telluride's Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ). Tickets must be purchased 21 days in advance, with one child ticket per purchased adult ticket. Travel to Telluride must occur Sunday to Wednesday, and from Telluride travel must occur Tuesday to Friday.

      Airlines have cut first class fares into Telluride. Continental's first class seats from Houston are from $638 and $898 from Newark. First class fares run from $676 on American out of Dallas, $678 on Delta from Atlanta, $680 out of Chicago and $904 from L.A. on United.

      First Class travelers have a priority check-in line, priority security screening line, priority boarding, a bigger seat, free drinks and meals along with bonus frequent flier miles, depending on the airline. First class rates do not include taxes and will depend on seat availability and other restrictions.

      Telluride's free Gondola creates a ski-in/ski-out town. The majority of lodging is located within walking distance of the slopes, Gondola, shopping and restaurants. The Telluride Montrose Airport is 65 miles from Telluride and is accessible via shuttle or rental car.

      Telluride Central Reservations or 800/778-8581.

      American Bonus Miles for JFK to Tokyo Flight

      On Jan. 20, 2011, American Airlines will begin flying to Tokyo Haneda Airport, nonstop from New York's JFK Airport. Fly this new route and you can earn up to 15,000 American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles for each qualifying roundtrip through Apr. 30, 2011.

      If you purchase tickets and fly in first or business class during the promotional period, you will earn 15,000 AAdvantage bonus miles for roundtrip travel between JFK and Haneda. Economy class travelers (booked in Y, B, M, H or K) will earn 10,000 AAdvantage bonus miles. Travelers who purchase discount economy class fares (booked in Q, V, S, W or L) will earn 5,000 AAdvantage bonus miles. One-way travel will earn half the applicable bonus. Flights operated by code share partners are not eligible for this promotion. Bonus may be earned an unlimited number of times but do not count toward elite status qualification.

      To be eligible for the AAdvantage bonus miles, you must register online prior to travel using promotion code NYHND. Terms and conditions apply.

      American Airlines .

      $20 Off Promotion

      Colonial Williamsburg from $75 Per Person

      Colonial Williamsburg's American Stories package starts at $75 per person, per night for a two-night stay.

      Available through Mar. 17, 2011, the package includes: nightly accommodations at the Williamsburg Lodge; daily breakfast; historic area passes for length of stay

      Package pricing is based on double occupancy and a two-night stay in a superior guest room, with Sunday through Thursday arrival. Pricing varies with room type and arrival date.

      With the American Stories package, you can participate in interactive Historic Area programs, engage in stories of America's first citizens and enjoy exhibits at The Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg. You may also enroll in one of many forums and symposiums; immerse yourself in your surroundings; experience behind-the-scenes tours at Bruton Heights Education Center or listen to the music of colonial composers. After exploring the Historic Area, museums and shopping in Merchants Square, you can spend an evening dining by candlelight at Chowning's Tavern and cocktails at the Restoration Bar in the Williamsburg Inn.

      Colonial Williamsburg or 8800/HISTORY.

      200,000 Free Megabus Seats

      Megabus.com, the city-to-city, express bus service offers fares from $1 and 200,000 free seats for travel Jan. 12 to Mar. 1, 2011. Fares start from $1 and get higher as the traveling date gets closer. Book early to get the $1 fares.

      The free seats are subject to availability for travel to/from megabus.com's U.S. cities and Toronto during the Jan. 12 to Mar. 1 travel period. You need to use promo code WOW200K to book your free seats.

      Last year Megabus.com offered 100,000 free seats, but due to the company's continued growth, including a fifth hub in Washington D.C., and the increased popularity of express bus travel nationwide, it increased the total number of seats to 200,000.

      Megabus serves nearly 50 cities in North America from hubs in Toronto, 18 cities from its Chicago hub, 12 cities from its Philadelphia hub, 15 cities from its New York hub and 14 cities from its Washington D.C. hub.

      Megabus.com, a subsidiary of Coach USA, launched in April 2006 and has served nearly eight million travelers. In addition to low fares, Megabus.com offers environmentally-friendly buses, free Wi-Fi, power outlets and restrooms.


      NYC Winter Restaurant Week 2011

      NYC & Company, New York City's marketing, tourism and partnership organization, opens reservations for NYC Restaurant Week Winter 2011 on Jan. 12, 2011.

      This season's program features more than 300 participating restaurants, making it the largest NYC Restaurant Week in the program's history. The culinary celebration runs for two weeks, Jan. 24 to Feb. 6, 2011, and offers three-course prix-fixe lunches for $24.07 and three-course prix-fixe dinners for $35. Saturdays are excluded; Sundays are optional. Beverages, gratuities and taxes are not included.

      NYC Restaurant Week provides the opportunity to experience top-notch dining at affordable prices. There are more than 35 new additions to this season's NYC Restaurant Week offerings, including L'Ecole, the restaurant of The French Culinary Institute; Faustina at the Cooper Square Hotel; Riverpark: Tamarind Tribeca; and The Strand Restaurant at The Strand Hotel. Returning are established favorites such as 21 Club; David Burke Townhouse; Dos Caminos; Le Cirque; One if by Land, Two if by Sea; The Russian Tea Room; SD26; and Tribeca Grill.

      This winter NYC Restaurant Week is sponsored by American Express and Travelocity.

      American Express card members who dine out three or more times during NYC Restaurant Week Winter 2011 at any of the participating restaurants will receive a $15 statement credit when they register and use any eligible American Express Card.

      American Express card members who book their NYC Restaurant Week hotel stay on Travelocity can qualify for $75 off bookings over $250 when they use any eligible American Express Card. This is in addition to discounts and deals offered by participating hotels.

      In addition to hotel deals, Travelocity bookers will receive early access to NYC Restaurant Week reservations when they purchase the package with an eligible American Express Card.

      NYC Restaurant Week; reservations open Jan. 12, 2011.

      50% Off Houseboating at Lake Powell

      Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas offer a 50 percent discount on peak season rates for new 2011 houseboat reservations. The 2011 Half-Off Houseboating offer is valid on fully pre-paid rentals of Expedition, Voyager, Adventurer, Navigator, Discovery XL Platinum, Escape, Journey and Excursion series houseboats for five-day minimum trips between Mar. 1, 2011 and Dec. 23, 2011. Special rates on powerboats are also included.

      You must pay in full, in advance for the 2011 Half-Off Houseboating offer, and it is non-refundable. Rates start from $1,526 for five nights and availability is limited and blackout dates may apply. To check on availability, can call 1-888-486-4665 or go online and use the promo code: TAKE502011.

      If you don't want to pre-pay in full, but still want a deal on a houseboating trip, can save up to 30 percent through the Seasonal Special offer. The promotion is valid for trips between Mar. 1, 2011 and Dec. 23, 2011 and also offers powerboat add-on specials. To book, guests can call 1-888-486-4665 or go online and use the promo code: LP2011.

      Good on new reservations only, the offers do not include fuel, waiver of liability taxes or other fees. The offers may not be combined with any other offer or discount.

      Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas or 888/486-4665.

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