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Travel Savings Alerts Newsletter, January 2007 Issue

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May your new year be filled with all the excitement of living each day to the fullest. Laugh more. Worry less. Travel more. Let go instead of holding back. Be risky instead of safe. Live life with no regrets.
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In This Issue:
Smallest House in Great Britain, Conwy, Wales

Small House in Great Britain, Conwy, Wales

  • 2-for-1 Alaska TourSaver's Book
  • Free Fiji Stop on Australia /New Zealand Vacations
  • Universal’s Buy a Day, Get 2007 Free
  • Silverjet, New Business Class Airline
  • Ski Free in January at The Balsams
  • Profiling or Prudent, Details on US Airways #300
  • Amelia Island Plantation All-Inclusive Package
  • Icelandair Midweek Madness
  • Another New Airline
  • Airfare to Africa Under $1,000
  • South African Airways 2-for-1 Fare
  • Jalousie Plantation 4-for-2
  • 200 Plus BYOB Restaurants in Philly
  • Cathay Pacific All Asia Pass$1,399
  • South Beach Style
  • Wyndham Sugar Bay Savings
  • Winter Values at the Inn at Pocono Manor
  • Healthy Choices at 35,000 Feet
  • Aloha Fr.ee Deals Plus
  • Discounts for the 50 and Over Crowd

  • 2-for-1 Alaska TourSaver's Book

    The Great Alaskan TourSaver's book, 2007 edition, is available for $99.95, which includes fr.ee shipping to U.S. addresses. There are more than 140 offers in this year's book and everything is two-for-one or fr.ee.

    Offers include fishing trips, bear viewing, flightseeing, cruises, hotels, adventure lodges and national park excursions. Here are some of this year's offers:

    • Kenai Fjords Tours 2-for-1 cruise in Kenai Fjords National Park ($129 value)
    • Alaska Waters 2-for-1 Bear viewing trip to AnAn Bay ($263 value)
    • Talkeetna Aero Services 2-for-1 Denali flightseeing ($275 value)
    • Alaska Rail Tours 2-for-1 trip on Alaska Railroad, Anchorage to Denali National Park ($340 value)
    • Kennicott Glacier Lodge 2-for-1 accommodations in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park ($159 value)
    • Dimond Center Hotel 2-for-1 accommodations in Anchorage ($229 value)
    • Glacier Bay National Park 2-for-1 lodge accommodations and cruise/tour ($350 value)
    • Denali Park Resorts 2-for-1 accommodations at Denali National Park ($269 value)

    In addition to more offers, variety and availability, the Great Alaskan TourSaver's website offers travel planning tools, including restaurant recommendations and a fr.ee weekly travel newsletter.

    Great Alaskan TourSaver

    Fr.ee Fiji Stop on Australia /New Zealand Vacations

    AP Touring offers the fr.ee Fiji promotion on three fully escorted tour programs: the 22 day Royal Escorted tour (E22); the 25 day Classic South Pacific tour (E75); and the 25 day Southern Explorer tour (ECCN).

    The fr.ee Fiji stopover on your journey to the South Pacific includes two nights at the Outrigger Reef Hotel with breakfast and roundtrip transfers, a savings of $460 per person.

    Book early as fr.ee Fiji space is limited and only available with land and air bookings on the E22, ECCN and E75 programs. A deposit must be paid at the time of booking to qualify for the f.ree Fiji. No other promotions can be combined with this offer.

    AP Touring or 800/290-8687.

    Give a Jaguar -- An Amber Jaguar -- The remarkable face of a jaguar is hand-carved onto a lovely piece of cherry amber that's 33x20 mm in size. The dramatic pendent hangs on an ultra-chic 18" natural-colored leather necklace cord with a sterling silver clasp. Boy will this turn heads.

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    Universal’s Buy a Day, Get 2007 F.ree

    Universal Studios Hollywood unwraps its "Buy A Day, Get 2007 Fr.ee" ticket program offering fr.ee admission throughout 2007 with every full-priced admission ticket purchased through Apr. 30, 2007.

    Pass-holders will receive email newsletters and updates on up-to-the-minute special events, celebrity-viewing movie-premieres at CityWalk at Universal Studios Hollywood and other opportunities.

    Bonus incentives for pass-holders include a 15 percent discount on general admission tickets for up to six guests; discounts on food, beverage and merchandise; and discounts off Universal Cinema tickets.

    Additionally, you can upgrade the 2007 Pass to the Deluxe Annual Pass or Premium Annual Pass, entitling you to benefits ranging from parking privileges, front-of-line access and extended use of the Annual Pass.

    The "Buy A Day, Get 2007 Fr.ee" pass can be purchased online or at the Universal Studios Hollywood ticket booths and can be redeemed at the theme park's Annual Pass processing center.

    Universal Studios HollywoodUniversal Studios Hollywood.

    Silverjet, New Business Class Airline

    Silverjet, a low fare British airline offers business-class style service between Newark and London. The airline’s first flight is due to take off Jan. 25, 2007. Tickets can be purchased by U.S. passengers with roundtrip fares starting from $1,798.

    Silverjet’s "Silver Class" non-stop service will be between Newark Liberty International Airport and Luton Airport, the least congested of London's four major airports. London’s Luton will build a separate terminal modeled on a private jet facility, with its own security, which will take all 100 passengers from arrival to aircraft within 30 minutes.

    There are no check-in desks at this dedicated private terminal. Passengers drop their luggage off with the concierge on arrival and relax at the lounge where seat-side check-in will take place, if you haven’t checked in beforehand through the internet or telephone.

    Silverjet will be the first British airline to go carbon neutral

    Silver Class service aims to eliminate many of the hassles associated with transatlantic business travel. Passengers can check-in for flights as little as 30 minutes before departure time, saving money and valuable time. Speedy curbside check-in services are offered on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Each of the 100 seats onboard the airline's Boeing 767-200s feature a flat bed and an entertainment system with movies, games and television shows. Gourmet meals can be pre-ordered prior to the flight and all passengers have access to Silverjet's exclusive airport lounges at Newark and Luton.

    Silverjet or 877/359-7458.

    Ski Fr.ee in January at the Balsams

    The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel offers a special rate during January 2007. From Sunday to Thursday, you can book the Ski Fr.ee package for $79 per night, including lodging, breakfast, lift tickets to the alpine ski area, and trail passes for cross-country skiing. The Martin Luther King weekend (Jan. 14 to 15, 2007) is excluded.

    Located on 15,000 private acres in the Great North Woods in New Hampshire's White Mountains, the Balsams Grand Resort Hotel offers 95 kilometers of cross country ski trails with 77 kilometers of groomed trails on diverse terrain ..

    In addition to Nordic skiing, the Balsams has its own alpine ski area with six trails and five glades with runs up to one mile long. Families will enjoy that all trails begin at the top of the lift and end at the base lodge, making it easy to reconnect after runs.

    The Ski F.ree package is subject to availability and the rate is per person based on double occupancy.

    Balsams Grand Resort Hotel or 866/380-6798. Enter promo code SKIFREE when booking.

    Fr-ee Fun San Diego
    This savings-packed FR.EE brochure features almost 40 Fun, Fr-ee Things to do in San Diego. When heading to Southern California, attend concerts or visit a State Historic Park and keep that cash in your pocket.

    To get your Fr-ee Fun San Diego brochure, for a $1 handling fee, click here to send us an email.

    Profiling or Prudent, Details on US Airways #300

    The 30 second spot on national television news or the two paragraph blurb in the newspaper seemed to indicate that Muslims clerics were wronged, humiliated and taken off a flight. As more information comes in and details are sorted out, it seems that isn’t the story.

    Richard Miniter, a best-selling author and a fellow at the Hudson Institute, wrote in the New York Post that a passenger on US Airways flight 300, we’ll call her X, publicized facts about the incident in an e-mail. Passenger X provided additional details in an interview which appeared in the Post article. The airport police report about the incident confirms passenger X’s claims and US Airways spokeswoman Andrea Rader also confirmed the passenger’s account.

    Miniter points out that overlooked by print and electronic media is that other Muslim passengers were left undisturbed and later joined in a round of applause for the U.S. Airways crew.

    So what happened? Passenger X related that the clerics weren’t taken off the flight because they were Muslim, but because of all the suspicious things they did. Sitting by Minneapolis-St. Paul's Airport Gate C9, our passenger noticed one imam pacing nervously and talking on the phone in Arabic. Other accounts indicate the six bearded imams shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) numerous times while praying as passengers waited at the gate for their flight. As the plane boarded, Passenger X said no one refused to fly. The public prayers and the phone call in Arabic triggered no alarms.

    Debra Burlingame, director of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, points out in a Wall Street Journal article that bearded clerics praying loudly isn’t as innocent as it sounds. “The very last human sound on the cockpit voice recorder of United flight 93, before it screamed into the ground at 580 miles per hour, is the sound of male voices shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in a moment of religious ecstasy.”

    Once onboard the plane, a note from a passenger about the clerics’ suspicious movements got the crew's attention. Still, everything at that point seemed normal to Passenger X. Then Captain John Howard Wood announced there was a “paperwork mix-up” and the flight would be delayed.

    That stall bought time for the FBI and local police to arrive.

    Contrary to press accounts that a single note from a passenger triggered the clerics' removal, the captain was weighing several factors. Valerie Wunder of US Airways Corporate Communications indicated, in a letter to the editor to the Columbus Ohio Dispatch, that several passengers, including a gate attendant and the flight crew, raised concerns about the clerics’ behavior. The decision to remove them for questioning was made by ground security, the US Airways operations center, local police and the FBI, because the clerics were acting suspiciously, Rader said.

      According to the police reports:
    • An Arabic speaker seated near two of the imams in the plane's tail whispered concern to a flight attendant and translated what the two men were saying in Arabic including angry denunciations of Americans, furious grumblings about U.S. foreign policy, support for bin Laden and condemning America for "killing Saddam."
    • An imam seated in first class asked for a seat-belt extender, an extension used by obese people because the standard belt is too short. An on-duty and off-duty flight attendant both stated the cleric looked too thin to need one. Two other clerics seated in economy class also requested extenders, again both were too thin to need them. A seat-belt extender can easily be used as a weapon - just wrap one end around your fist and swing the heavy metal buckle, according to air marshals.
    • One imam complained to a passenger that some nations don't follow sharia law and said his job in Bakersfield, CA, was a cover for "representing Muslims here in the U.S."
    • All six clerics boarded together, with the first-class passengers, even though only two of them had a first-class ticket. Three had one-way tickets. Between the six men, only one had checked a bag.
    • The clerics didn’t sit in their assigned seats according to Rader, but instead took seats in a configuration that reflected those of the 9/11 terrorists: two in the front row of first class, two in the middle of the plane on the exit aisle and two in the rear of the cabin.

    The flight was delayed more than three hours. Bomb-sniffing dogs swept the plane and every passenger got re-screened. Miniter points out that the clerics prayed at the gate and on the plane. Yet observant Muslims pray only once at sundown, not twice.

    The imams were soon released. Passenger X observed that the clerics were trying to get kicked off the flight and the passengers on flight 300 were the victims. She summed it up as a publicity stunt to accuse US Airways of being insensitive and trying to intimidate US Airways to ease up on security.

    Burlingame calls it obscene that six Muslim religious leaders, fresh from attending the North American Imams Federation which featured discussions on “Imams and Politics” and “Imams and the Media” would turn the airport into a stage and the airplane into a prop for their grievance theater.

    According to Burlingame, within hours of the incident, the activist Muslim American Society (MAS) demanded an apology. The same organization teaches “Activist Training” with lessons on “how to talk to the media.” MAS and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wants to “hit US Airways where it hurts, the pocket book.” They plan to sue for civil and federal monetary sanctions and for “racial and religious profiling.” Burlingame notes that MAS doesn’t care about the civil rights of others, they want to establish special privileges for Muslims. MAS pushed for a segregated taxi line that would permit Muslim taxi drivers at the Minneapolis airport to reject passengers carrying alcohol.

    Should the clerics been taken off the plane. Of course!!! Remember, when you step into a commercial airliner, you are no longer in a democracy. Your personal safety and security rests with the captain. The day the captain cannot remove a problem passenger is the day our commercial aviation system starts to crumble. When a passenger’s behavior is so disturbing and disruptive that ordinary passengers fear for their safety, the captain must have the authority to get that passenger off that plane without worrying about First Amendment rights or equal protection standards. At 35,000 feet when multiple and sometimes alarming events happen, the captain only has one chance to get it right.

    Burlingame cites the most despicable part of the clerics’ behavior is that they engaged in terrorist-associated behavior that was sure to trigger suspicion. Burlingame said they exploited 9/11 fears and counted on post 9/11 security to kick in. With their Saudi-funded CAIR lawyers, the clerics plan to benefit financially from the situation they provoked and want to weaken airport and airline security, security measures initiated because of Muslim terrorists.

    It clearly appears the clerics were baiting US Airways and our entire aviation/security system. It’s time to stop falling for these set-up scenarios straight from the “control the media” terrorist hand book written by al Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah and other Islamist extremists. Remember doctored photos from Lebanon, munitions transported in ambulances and storing and firing missiles from civilian residences.

    It seems Muslim extremist think they can do anything and everything to promote their agenda, which is to subjugate everyone. Because of their agenda, on a daily basis, we are put out because of an extremist few: our clothes, shoes and bodies are screened at the airport, our luggage is scanned, we can’t take many items onboard planes.

    It’s time the rights of ordinary travelers to a safe and secure flight come before the few who want to pervert the system and feign discrimination. Yes, people who cause other airline passengers to fear for their safety should be taken off a plane. Their actions over-rule any basis for discrimination. Hopefully our officials can see through this discrimination smoke-screen and won’t allow Islamic extremist to hijack our laws and system of justice so they can pursue their real agenda of destroying our freedom and liberty.

    Amelia Island Plantation All-Inclusive Package

    Amelia Island Plantation, near Jacksonville, FL, is the only beach front resort in Florida to offer an all-inclusive package.

    The all-inclusive package starts from $235 per person, per night, and includes an ocean-view hotel room, and breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. The recreation options include: green fees on Ocean Links, Oak Marsh or Royal Amelia golf courses playing on the day of arrival and day of departure; tennis court times; use of the health & fitness center; supervised youth and teen programs; on-property nature tours and bicycle rentals; fishing rods and reels for surf fishing; and beach chairs and umbrellas.

    Rates are based on availability, a two night minimum stay and two adults in a room. Other room types are available. The package must be purchased by Mar. 2, 2007, and is valid through Mar. 4, 2007, and again Nov. 4, 2007 through Mar. 1, 2008. Spring and summer rates are slightly higher and require a five-night minimum stay. Rates for children ages 13 to 15 are $115 per night, per child, while rates for children 12 and under are $68 per night, per child.

    Amelia Island Plantation or 888/261-6161.

    Icelandair Midweek Madness

    Icelandair offers a midweek winter escape at a reduced price from $399 per person, based on double occupancy. The price does not include taxes and official charges of approximately $100 to $180.

    The two- or three-night midweek adventure starts with Sunday and Monday departures from Baltimore, Boston or New York; and Tuesday departures from Boston, Minneapolis (not available Jan. 10 to Mar. 14, 2007) and Orlando. Baltimore departures are not available Jan. 9 to Mar 8, 2007.

    The price includes roundtrip airfare from Baltimore, Boston, New York, Orlando, and Minneapolis/St. Paul; two nights in a double room ata hotel in Reykjavik; Scandinavian buffet breakfast daily and airport/hotel transfers

    The package involves a minimum two night stay and maximum three night stay, that is subject to flight availability. Each night of your trip must be in hotels booked through Icelandair Holidays prior to departure. The package is subject to availability and price change plus there is no refund for any unused portion of the package or service once travel has started.


    Face-It Luggage Tags -- Your Face on Your Luggage
    There's no mistaking your luggage with the Face-It Luggage Tag. The durable, laminated tag displays your face and the phrase "This Face Belongs With This Luggage."

    A Face-It Luggage tag makes it less likely for a stranger or thief to walk off with your luggage and helps you recognize your luggage at a glance in hotels or airports. Face-It Tags are also available for briefcases, portfolio books, backpacks, sporting equipment, musical instruments, bicycles and more. Face-It Luggage Tags.

    Another New Airline

    L'Avion will become the first and only French airline offering low-cost all-business class service on the Paris to New York route. L'Avion will use Boeing 757-200s with 100-seat business-class only service between Paris (Orly) and Newark, NJ.

    The carrier intends to fly six weekly flights between Orly and Newark. Service is slated to begin early January 2007. Roundtrip tickets start at $2,118.

    Originally branded Elysair, the Franco-Dutch operator changed its name to L’Avion, the French word for airplane. The airline will serve French cuisine and wine.

    L'Avion is the latest airline to provide premium transatlantic airfare at competitive rates. UK-based carrier Silverjet will transport business travelers between New York and London. MAXjet Airways and Eos already offer business-class-only service to European commercial centers.


    Airfare to Africa Under $1,000

    Ethiopian Airlines welcomes 2007 with a fare sale for purchase and travel through Mar.31, 2007.

    Roundtrip fares start from $999 to Addis Ababa from Boston, New York , Philadelphia or Washington, D.C. Roundtrip flights from Atlanta, Chicago or Dallas start from $1,110 while roundtrip flights from Denver, Los Angeles or San Francisco are from $1,222.

    For travel to a variety of African cities add $111 or $222 to the roundtrip fare.

    Ethiopian Airlines or 800/445-2733.

    South African Airways 2-for-1 Fare

    South African Airways introduces a "Two for One" winter fare of $1,350 for the first person, with the second passenger flying for fr.ee. Travel on the fare is good from New York's JFK International Airport or Washington, DC's Dulles International Airport to Johannesburg or Cape Town between Jan. 15 to Feb. 15, 2007.

    This fare is valid for a minimum stay of seven days and return travel must be completed by Mar. 14, 2007. Ticketing and payment must be made within three days of flight reservation confirmation. Tickets must be issued before Feb. 1, 2007. Taxes and fuel surcharges are additional on both tickets.

    South African Airways or 800/722-9675.

    Protect Luggage with Baggage Guard Seals

    The pre-numbered, one-time use plastic padlocks are the perfect way to protect your luggage since they cannot be reinstalled once removed. That feature lets you instantly know if someone tampered with your luggage. Yet when TSAs at airports need to inspect your luggage, Baggage Guard Seals can be easily removed. A package of 10 Baggage Guard Seals is still only $9.95.

    Click Here to Order from On The Go Publishing.

    Jalousie Plantation 4-for-2

    The Jalousie Plantation in St. Lucia offers four nights for the price of two – or half price.

    The offer is valid on European Plan rates for travel to Apr. 30, 2007. To take advantage of this offer, you must book your trip by Mar. 31, 2007. European Plan means that the price is for lodging only and does not include meals.

    Rates and availability are based on dates of travel. Blackout dates and other restrictions may apply.

    Located on 325 acres of tropical forest, Jalousie Plantation was once the site of an 18th century sugar mill. The property includes 65 mountain view villas and suites, 35 ocean view villas and suites and 12 sugar mill suites.

    Rockwell Tours or 877/2ROCKWELL.

    200 Plus BYOB Restaurants in Philly

    Soon bring-your-own-bottle (BYOB) restaurants will be as synonymous with Philadelphia as the cheese steak, the soft pretzel and Rocky.

    In recent years, the BYOB scene has gone beyond mom-and-pop restaurants to include haute international bistros, funky casual spots and ethnic eateries. These days, you can bring more than wine; you can bring tequila, vodka or whatever other spirit you prefer.

    Modern restaurant experts agree the BYOB phenomenon developed because of Pennsylvania's strict liquor laws and high liquor taxation. When start-up restaurants don’t buy an expensive liquor license, they lower their initial overhead, which keeps menu prices lower and attracts a wider range of clientele.

    BYOB evolved into its own genre and consumers like being in charge. At a BYOB, you get to drink exactly what you want, without draining the budget and sacrificing quality.

    Few BYOBs stand for fussy manners. Most permit jeans. Brown-bagging Chardonnay is universally accepted, as is substituting beer for wine. Still, there are a few ground rules.

    Number one: Learn reservations policies. For example, some restaurants accept reservations every night except Friday and Saturday while others won't take reservations. Some BYOB establishments are so popular, you need to call a few weeks in advance.

    Number two: Most BYOBs will not ask you to open your own bottle.

    Number three: Many BYOBs are cash only.

    By far the most prevalent BYOBs serve Italian fare. In once predominantly Italian-American South Philadelphia, tomato sauce with meat is called "gravy."

    Second in prevalence to Italian BYOBs are couple-run operations. Committed duos work together to make their restaurants happen.

    Bring-your-own-bottle restaurants extend beyond city limits into Chester, Montgomery and other close-in counties.

    Some BYOBs cater to non-wine drinkers. Lolita, in Center City, serves fresh juices in pitchers to mix with your tequila for margaritas. Both the Jamaican Jerk Hut and Geechee Girl Rice Cafe offer homemade ginger beer to mix with rum and lime. Some barbecue and pizza places allow you bring your own six-pack of beer.

    As the popularity of BYOBs increases, restaurants with liquor licenses relax their policies and allow you to BYOB with no corkage fees on select nights.

    Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation added an interactive online map featuring more than 130 BYOBs across the region. The restaurants can be sorted and viewed by cuisine and neighborhood.

    GPTMC, 800/537-7676.

    Cathay Pacific All Asia Pass $1,399

    Get a head-start on 2007 travel with Cathay Pacific Airways' All Asia Pass. The airline’s annual promotion gives you the chance to visit up to 23 cities in 21 days from $1,399.

    The All Asia Pass offers roundtrip economy class travel between San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York and Hong Kong and up to 21 consecutive days of travel to 22 Asian destinations beyond Hong Kong. Destinations include Bali, Bangkok, Cebu, Colombo, Fukuoka, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Jakarta, Karachi, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Nagoya, Osaka, Penang, Phuket, Phnom Penh, Sapporo, Seoul, Singapore, Surabaya, Taipei and Tokyo. The basic All Asia Pass airfare is $1,599 with a $200 discount for travelers who register online as a subscriber to Cathay Pacific eNews.

    Departure dates are Feb. 26 through May 17, 2007 and Aug. 20 through Dec. 1, 2007. Summer travel and extension options up to 90 days are available for an additional fee. All Asia Pass travelers can select other U.S. gateways cities including San Diego, Las Vegas, Denver, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Miami, Nashville, New Orleans, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh Durham, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington DC/Baltimore for an additional fee. You can also extend your itinerary to Dhaka, Delhi, Mumbai, Hanoi, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or Auckland, for an additional fee.

    All Asia Passes must be booked through a travel agent, not the airline directly. Some restrictions apply and all travel must be completed by Dec. 8, 2007. This offer is only valid for U.S. residents living in the U.S. and travel must originate in the U.S. Air Pass prices do not include applicable taxes.

    Becoming a member of Cathay Pacific eNews is fast, easy and fr.ee. Register online and receive a $200 discount on the All Asia Pass for up to four people. Cathay Pacific eNews subscribers get travel perks year-round, including access to exclusive offers and contests and advance email notices about upcoming promotions.

    Cathay Pacific.

    Cheap Tix Chart
    Buy Tickets at a Discount -- Special ticket outlets sell discounted day-of-performance tickets to theater productions, films, and sporting events. Discounts can be 50 percent or more. On The Go Publishing’s Cheap Tix Chart, still only $14, lists outlets in the U.S. and eight foreign cities that sell discounted, day-of-performance tickets. Click here to order the Cheap Tix Chart from On The Go Publishing.

    South Beach Style

    Location matters. While the Catalina Hotel & Beach Club, an Art Deco hotel on Collins Avenue in South Beach, costs $300 per night for a deluxe room during high season, other hotels on the same stretch of South Beach charge between $600 and $1200 per night.

    No two of the 137 rooms are exactly alike, though all have whitewashed walls and floors with minimalist white furnishings and red accents. Other amenities include plasma TVs, modern bathroom fixtures, mini-bar, Swedish mattresses with goose-down comforters and white duvets. Room 169 offers a sunken king-size bed, in-room Jacuzzi, and lots of mirrors. Room 400, the only room on the fourth floor, has a private roof deck, chaises and unrivaled views.

    The Catalina Beach Club offers fr.ee lounge chairs while the Catalina pool has cabañas. The Yoga Garden is the place for a massage or a yoga class. Guests at the hotel receive free VIP passes for all South Beach clubs.

    Catalina Hotel & Beach Club or 305/674-1160.

    Wyndham Sugar Bay Savings

    The Wyndham Sugar Bay in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands offers European plan rates (no meals) from $71.72 per person, per night, based on double occupancy. Children 17 and under stay f.ree. All Inclusive rates start at $134.38 per person, per night, based on double occupancy. These special rates must be booked by Jan. 31, 2007 for travel through Dec. 22, 2007.

    Taxes apply on European plan rates and a three night minimum stay is required. Rates and availability may vary based on dates of travel. Blackout dates and other restrictions may apply.

    The Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort & Spa offers mountain and ocean views. Rooms come with colonial furniture, ceiling fans, refrigerators and private balconies. Activities include golf, tennis, scuba, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, swimming in the ocean or in three fresh-water pools.

    Rockwell Tours or 877/2ROCKWELL.

    Winter Values at the Inn at Pocono Manor

    Families can consider the special rates at the Inn at Pocono Manor for their winter and President’s Week packages, Feb. 16 to 25, 2007. Packages are limited and based on availability.

    The Camelback Learn to Ski package, valid to Mar. 15, 2007, includes a one-hour ski lesson, ski equipment and full-day lift ticket at Camelback Ski Resort. The package offers a Modified American Plan (four-course dinner and breakfast buffet daily), or the Bed and Breakfast Plan (breakfast buffet daily). Rates start at $175 per person (based on double occupancy).

    The Laurel Spa Shop, Spa & Stay package includes $25 towards shopping at the Crossings Premium Outlets; a 55-minute massage with gratuities; use of the steam rooms and aqua tower showers at the Spa, and dinner and breakfast daily. Rates start at $245 per person, based on double occupancy.

    President's Week rates start at $170 per person, per night, based on double occupancy. In addition to accommodations, the rate includes dinner and breakfast daily; fr.ee hors d'oeuvres; nightly entertainment; state and local taxes, and service charge. Children four and younger stay fr.ee. Children five to 12 years old may stay with parents for a daily service charge of $40 each, including meals from the children's menu. A two-night minimum stay is required.

    Located atop the Pocono Mountains on 3,000-acres, the 250 room resort offers sporting and recreational activities at no extra charge. These include hiking, swimming, outdoor ice-skating and cross-country skiing. There’s also a full-service spa, fitness center, indoor tennis and racquetball, sporting clay course, fly fishing on two-and-a-half miles of private stocked streams, and snowmobiling. The Inn at Pocono Manor is two hours driving time from New York City and 18 miles west of the Delaware Water Gap.

    Inn at Pocono Manor or 800/233-8150.

    Silky Travel Jewelry Roll
    A must have for travelers. Our silky travel jewelry roll comes in a random assortment of single-color jacquards, solid colors and two-color brocades. This handy travel jewelry roll measures 8 1/2 x 11 inches when open and closes to a compact 8 1/2 x 4 inches. Our exclusive design offers a place for everything with one deep pocket, a ring bar and three zippered compartments. Price $40. Click here to order from On The Go Publishing.

    Healthy Choices at 35,000 Feet

    Healthy Choices at 35,000 Feet - - Knowing what choices you have while flying can be valuable when trying to stay healthy. Charles Stuart Platkin, public health advocate and founder of DietDetective.com, conducted a survey of snack foods on leading U.S. airlines. Platkin rated the snacks using multiple criteria and assigning a "health score," where five stars is the highest rating. Some snacks were also rated "best bet," noting when snacks are converted into their exercise equivalents, how much time it will take to burn off the food in some form of exercise. Platkin pioneered exercise equivalents his new book, The Diet Detective's Count Down in stores January 2007.

    "After taking a long, hard look at the food served in the air, we've come to the conclusion that there are definitely winners and losers, good choices and bad ones. What we've done is provide a set of tools so that anyone traveling can know the impact of the foods they are eating, and how long it will take to work off that little snack up in the sky."

    Airline Snack and Health Survey results:

      American Airlines - Cooperation in Providing Nutritional Information: Helpful.
    • Health Score (***) The meat, nuts, raisins and cheese in the snack pack have enough protein and fat to satisfy you.
    • Best Bet: Skip the breakfast muffin unless you have nothing else (split it with your seat-mate.) If you buy the snack pack, get rid of the cookies and the Goldfish.
    • Total Calories: 710 (snack pack) 440/420 (breakfast muffin)
    • Exercise Equivalents: (Amount of walking to burn off the calories) 183 minutes (snack pack), 108 minutes (blueberry muffin; 113 minutes (chocolate muffin)
    • Cost: $4, snack box with Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 0.75 ounces 100 calories; O'Brien's Cured Meat (32 grams, 110 calories); Lorna Doone Cookies (2 cookies 140 calories); Kings Raisins (28 grams, 90 calories); Carr's Table Water Crackers (7.5 grams, 2 crackers, 30 calories); Le Petit Fromage Cheese Spread (0.75 ounces, 70 calories); Emerald Deluxe Mixed Nuts (1 ounce, 170 calories)
    • $2 Breakfast snack muffin: Otis Spunkmeyer Muffin (4-ounce chocolate muffin, 440 calories. Blueberry is 420 calories.)
      Continental Airlines - Cooperation in Providing Nutritional Information: Very helpful.
    • Health Score (****) Not much variety, but low-calorie, high-impact meals.
    • Best Bet: Both sandwiches; the light mayo is a nice touch
    • Total Calories: 285 (turkey), 316 (ham)
    • Exercise Equivalents (Amount of walking to burn off the calories): 73 minutes (turkey); 81 minutes (ham); 21 minutes (peanuts); 13 minutes (pretzels)
    • Cost: No charge Snacks available on flights over two hours:
    • Turkey sandwich (170 calories, including packet of Hellmann's light mayo) or Ham sandwich (201 calories, including packet of French's yellow mustard); Carrots (35 calories); Fun-size candy bar (80 calories)
      Delta Air Lines - Cooperation in Providing Nutritional Information: Extremely unhelpful. Provided no information
    • Health Score (*) You'll be hungry after eating Delta's entire snack pack.
    • Best Bet: Keep the granola bar and the peanuts; dump the rest.
    • Total Calories: 766
    • Exercise Equivalents: (Amount of walking to burn off the calories) 197 minutes
    • Cost: $5 per snack basket with Frito-Lay SunChips (1-ounce bag, 140 calories); Quaker Granola Bars (1-ounce bar, 120 calories); Dry-roasted peanuts (1 ounce, 30 nuts, 170 calories); Biscoff Cookies (5 cookies, 146 calories); Lance Honey Peanut Butter Crackers (1 package, 190 calories)
      JetBlue - Cooperation in Providing Nutritional Information: Very helpful.
    • Health Score (****) The individually packaged snacks are portion-controlled and trans-fat fr,ee.
    • Best Bet: The nuts have protein and good fat and will satisfy you .
    • Cost: No charge
    • Snack Choices: (not a snack pack, distributed separately, no charge) Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs Wheat Thins Minis (1 package, 100 calories, 26 minutes of walking) or Chocobillys Chocolate Chunk (4 cookies, 130 calories, 34 minutes of walking) or Doritos Munchies Mix: (1-ounce bag, 140 calories, 36 minutes of walking) or Mama Says Biscotti Gingerbread Grande (1 cookie, 210 calories, 54 minutes of walking) or Mama Says Biscotti Pistachio Grande (1 cookie, 150 calories, 39 minutes of walking) or Mrs. GoodCookie Jungle Crackers (1-ounce bag, 120 calories, 31 minutes of walking) or Terra Blues Potato Chips (1-ounce bag, 140 calories, 36 minutes of walking) or All Nuts Jumbo Cashew Halves 1-ounce bag, 170 calories, 44 minutes of walking)
      United Airlines - Cooperation in Providing Nutritional Information: Very helpful.
    • Health Score (*****) United has the most variety and healthful choices. The Smartpack is trans-fat fr.ee and "vegetarian-friendly."
    • Best Bet: Go for the Ritebite or the Smartpack (if you're sharing)
    • Total Calories: 895 (Smartpack), 550 (Minimeal), 650 (Quickpick), 580 (Ritebite)
    • Exercise Equivalents: (Amount of walking to burn off the calories) 231 minutes (Smartpack); 142 minutes (Minimeal); 168 minutes (Quickpick); 149 minutes (Ritebite)
    • Cost: $5 per box
    • Smartpack contains SunGold Creamy SunButter (1.5 ounces, 266 calories); Bear Naked All-Natural Fruit and Nut Granola (1/2 cup, 280 calories); Vermont Village Cannery Organic Peach Applesauce (4 ounces, 80 calories); Glacier Ridge Farms White Cheddar Cheese (0.75 ounces, 50 calories); Pita Shack Multigrain & Honey Lavash crackers (4 ounces, 120 calories);
    • Hero Strawberry Preserves(½ ounces, 64 calories); Bali's Best Latte Candy (1 candy, 15 calories); Emer'gen-C Fizzing Drink Mix - Tangerine (1 packet, 20 calories)
    • Minimeal contains Hormel hard salami slices (1 ounce, 110 calories); Rondele Peppercorn Parmesan cheese spread (1 ounce, 70 calories); Venus wheat crackers (1 package, 60 calories ;
    • Mott's Healthy Harvest Granny Smith applesauce, unsweetened (1 cup, 50 calories); Kettle Classics natural potato chips (1 ounce, 150 calories); Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies (2 cookies, 120 calories)
    • Quickpick contains Jack Link's hickory-smoked beef jerky (1 ounce, 60 calories); Just the Cheese Baked Cheddar Cheese Snacks (1/2 ounce, 75 calories); Stoned Classics all-natural blue tortilla chips (1½ ounces, 180 calories); La Victoria Thick n' Chunky salsa (1½ ounces, 15 calories); SunRise honey coated trail mix (2 ounces, 205.5 calories); Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies (2 cookies, 120 calories)
    • Ritebite contains Bumblebee Sensations Lemon & Pepper Seasoned Tuna Medley (3 ounces, 110 calories); Late July Organic Crackers (1 package, 100 calories); Wild Garden Hummus (1 jar, 73.5 calories); Stacy's Multigrain Baked Pita Chips (1 ounce, 130 calories); Fino Selections Gouda cheese (1 ounce, 101 calories); Newman's Own organic California raisins (0.5 ounce, 45.5 calories); Mini-Toblerone (12.5-gram bar, 66.5 calories)
      US Airways - Cooperation in Providing Nutritional Information: Not helpful.
    • Health Score: (**) Not much variety and not much nutritional value. The snack pack is offered on flights of 2.5 hours or more.
    • Best Bet: Fruit and nut mix and the cheese; skip the crackers and cookies.
    • Total Calories: 470 (snack pack) Exercise Equivalents: (Amount of walking to burn off the calories) 121 minutes
    • Cost: $3 per snack pack
    • Snack pack contains Azar Fruit and Nut Mix (1 ounce, 110 calories); Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies (4 cookies, 150 calories); Austin Cheese Crackers with Cheddar Cheese. (1.38 ounces, 210 calories)

    Diet Detective.

    Aloha Fr.ee Deals Plus

    Classic Vacations offers five night stays at the ResortQuest Waikiki Beach Hotel, an urban-Hawaiian themed hotel located directly across from the famed beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. Rooms feature retro decor with aloha-print bedspreads, closets behind bamboo-bead curtains, and teak furniture.

    At $559 per person, based on double occupancy, for a five night stay, the Aloha Fr.ee deal saves up to $251 per couple. Airfare is not included in the package.

    Available through Dec. 20, 2007, each package includes a fr.ee night for every five nights you stay, daily breakfast for two, a two-for-one luau and a Aloha coupon book. You are responsible for hotel taxes and fees for the fr.ee night.

    The offer is available for all room categories and only valid on new bookings. Blackout dates include Feb. 9 through 28, 2007 and the offer is subject to availability.

    Classic Vacations only accepts bookings through travel agents.

    Classic Vacations or 800/221-3949. Booking Code: NTH5.

    Discounts for the 50 and Over Crowd

    The 2007-2008 edition of Unbelievably Good Deals and Great Adventures That You Absolutely Can’t Get Unless You’re Over 50 is now in book stores. Author Joan Rattner Heilman. has updated the book to list the perks, privileges, discounts and special adventures available to the 50 and older set. The book gives details including telephone numbers and web sites. Most of the chapters are devoted to travel

      Here are a few rules Heilman suggests you always follow:
    • Never plunk down plastic without asking about a senior discount. Most vendors will not voluntarily disclose information on price breaks unless they’re asked.
    • Ask about discounts before you pay, order or make a reservation, not when you arrive or are paying the bill.
    • Carry proof of age with you, whether it’s a membership card in an over-50 organization or ID with your date of birth.
    • Pay for travel with a major credit card. If there are problems or disputes, you’ll have less difficulty resolving them.
    • Rates and privileges can change at a moment’s notice. Check them out before you make plans.

    Had a good experience on a plane recently? Stumbled across the perfect place to stay, eat or drink? Tell us about it, email us here.

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