Face-It Luggage Tags

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your picture on your luggage is worth a great deal more. Now there's no mistaking your luggage with the NEW Face-It Luggage Tag. The durable, laminated Face-It Luggage Tag displays your face and the phrase "This Face Belongs With This Luggage."

Ordering a Face-It Luggage Tag is simple. Send in a photo, the larger the face the better. If more than one person is in the photo, identify the person for the tag on a separate piece of paper (i.e. 2nd from the left in the standing row). Or attach a Post-It note with an arrow pointing to the person. The original photo will be returned. When a color photo is submitted, the Face-It picture will be in color. The picture quality of the Face-It Luggage Tag depends on the quality of the original photo.

Enclose a business card and we'll mount it on the reverse side of the waterproof Face-It Luggage Tag. Or we'll mount your name and phone number on the reserve side of the luggage tag (for security reasons, we discourage home addresses). All information must be printed or typed. 

The Face-It Luggage Tag unquestionably identifies your luggage, so a stranger or thief is less likely to walk off with it. It helps you recognize your luggage at a glance in hotels or airports.

Face-It tags are also available for briefcases, portfolio books, backpacks, sporting equipment, musical instruments, bicycles and more. Specify which tag you want when ordering.

Face-It Luggage - one tag. Price: $14.95

Face-It Luggage - two tags with same photo. Price: $26

Face-It Luggage - three or more tags with same photo. Price: $11.97 per tag

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