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Advertising in the Travel Savings Alerts Newsletter

Travelers can't stay in your hotel, purchase travel insurance, buy airline tickets or book a trip or tour with your company if they don't know your company exists.

Reach the people who need to know about your company, travelers, through our monthly, electronic Travel Savings Alerts Newsletter. The electronic Travel Savings Alerts Newsletter is sent to nearly 150,000 subscribers who want to know about travel.

Now more than ever, you need to let our interested readers learn about your travel-related products and services through an ad. While our subscriber base has risen dramatically, our unbelievably low rates are still priced at the 100,000 subscriber level.

Marketing experts say that it takes at least 7 exposures (read that as seeing your ad 7 different times) for buyers to recognize and gain confidence in your company. The process is called branding and all the big and powerful national companies are jumping on this branding bandwagon.

Our newest advertising category, a Digest Listing, helps you brand your company at unheard of rates. A Digest Listing provides that all-important repeated exposure so subscribers see your company name over and over. Digest Listing rates are a mere $15 per month for a listing that includes your company name, web-site, toll-free phone number and 10 descriptive words of your choice. Digest Listing Rates are purchased in 3 month blocks.

Ad rates are as follows:

Top Sponsor Ad ==> $139. -- Limited to 2 ads
Top Sponsor Ad Price: $139.

Middle Position Ad ==> $117.
Middle Position Ad Price: $117.

Top sponsor and middle position ads are up to 50 words.

Classified Ad ==> $49.00 for 40 words
Classified Ad Price: $49 for 40 words.

Digest Listing Ad ==> $15.00 for your company name, web-site, phone number and 10 descriptive words. Digest Listing Rates are purchased in 3 month blocks.
Digest Listing Ad Price: $15.00 - 3 month block minimum $45.

The deadline for placing an ad is by the 15th of the month prior to publication (e.g. Nov. 15 for the December issue).

All ads are prepaid. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa through Paypal along with money orders and checks.

So what are you waiting for, place an ad today and get your company's name out before our all-important audience -- travelers. Ads can be prepaid at our secure Paypal links.

Send check and money orders to On The Go Publishing, P.O. Box 877, Logan, OH 43138. Include your publication-ready ad copy and the ad position you wish to buy.

Placing an add is easy. Simply pay for the ad and send an email to us, with the position and your publication-ready ad copy. Send email to: travelnewsletter@aim.com Subject: Publication-Ready Ad Copy.

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